Music you listen(ed) too when high?

I think I’ve made threads about getting high before, with some success on these boards… but never Cafe Society.

C’mon, I know y’all are stoners, or former stoners.

Anyway. What do you like to listen too when you’re high? My entry right now:

It doesn’t have to be ABOUT getting red-eyed, like my example.


When I was getting high (many years ago), I liked me some progressive music. (RUSH, Yes, Genesis, Floyd…)

Hmm… I can’t name a song Yes has put out. I’ll look them up.

Edit… OKAY. Owner of a Lonely Heart is a good song. I’ll check out their others.

Don’ imbibe myself.

But for those that do please listen to The Tin Man by America and see if you can explain to me what in the hell they’re talking about.

In fact, I think a lot of Americas song lyrics are quite fucking weird. How high do you all have to be to understand that tripe?

I’m listening to it now… I can’t help you out. It is a good tune, though.

This is unsettling in a good way.

Sounds familiar, but I would remember a song about LSD. I never tried it because I have a feeling I would have a bad first experience with it. I don’t need it, though. I like weed.

Edit. Great find. Thank you;

Captain Beefheart.
Ivor Cutler.
Dave Holland (specifically, the solo bass LP “Emerald Tears”).

Pink Floyd is an obvious one. We’d also watch the Pulse concert over and over. One dorm room I spent a lot of time in seemed to have Sublime in heavy rotation. The Woodstock album got a lot of play when we were out driving.
Loads of others I’m not thinking of right now. This was in the heyday of Napster so, between that, and everyone sharing all their MP3s, most people, at least most people I hung out with, had a thousand or so songs loaded up into Winamp on shuffle.

And, for reasons I don’t understand, after doing a whole bunch of coke, the best CD to listen to was always OK Computer.

John Coltrane :-

  • A Love supreme
  • My favourite things.

(Weird - when i spell favourite the US way, ie favorite, Discourse flags it as a spelling mistake.
I thought this was a US site !)

Scroll down and click on “Combination” or “Under Redwoods.”

Tool + shrooms is a great combo.

During the years when I did partake (weed), pretty much any new album I or my friends purchased required a stoned listening session. I used to share a place with two other guys in the mid-70s and the day after payday was party time with all the new records we had bought. We all had different tastes so there was a wide range of stuff on tap every weekend.

Sorry for not being more verbose. I am not saying do LSD while listening to this song about LSD. It is just a cool, trippy, mellow tune to listen to while you close your eyes and exhale.

I feel high just remembering “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys”.

Oh, no… I didn’t take it that way. Was just sayin’.

Roger Waters: Amused to Death. Lights off, candles lit, phone muted.

Cypress Hill

Anything Afro-Man when I’m in the mood for giggles.