Music you listen(ed) too when high?

I hope this thread’s still open!
Four of my favorite music artists of all time are Roky Erickson, Monster Magnet,Patti Smith, and Frank Zappa, all of whom are known for making good music to listen to while high–the first two especially. So, when I partake, I am often listening to their ouvres as I do so. There’s also Royal Trux, The Atomic Bitchwax, the Repo Man soundtrack, certain bluegrass and folk artists, and any band that involves the late Dave Roback playing guitar while a lady with a weird, beautiful voice sings.

And plenty more, too, because I spend a lot of my time getting high and listening to music, and we’ve got eclectic tastes (and a vast collection to choose from) at our house.

Try this; it’s a favorite of mine and this is prolly my favorite performance of it. This is Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Trio pt. 2 performed in Chicago. For those who have never heard of it, Part 1 is exactly like part 2, but there are no drums, only hi hat accompanying the guitars. Part 2 incorporates a full drum kit. One note; 23 minutes! Go!

Well, sometimes it’s close to music. The other day I got a Kaossilator 2s, and the thing is crazy. It’s easy to put mesmerizing loops on the thing. It’s full of drum patterns and voices. It’s got capabilities far beyond what I can do with it. There are a lot of vids out with it. Here’s the manual if anyone’s interested. It’s just a ton of fun, and the thing sounds full size when run through an amp. One of its limitations is that’s 2 bars at best. As soon as I get the right adapters I’m going to try running it through a little looper and see what happens.

Try this: