Musicians whose albums you should own, but don't

Listening to the radio yesterday, I realised I don’t own any Warren Zevon. My dad has a greatest hits album, but since he’s in NY and I’m in VT, I don’t really have that any more. This despite the fact that he’s one of my favorite musicians. So, who is glaringly missing from your collection, despite your undying love and admiration? Oh, and owning a few mp3s doesn’t count. I’m talking about albums here.

For me the list contains at least:

**Warren Zevon
Tragically Hip
Stevie Wonder
Sam Cooke
Smokey Robinson
Cat Stevens

Nick Cave (I’ve had a few of his CDs, especially Tender Prey on my list of CDs to buy for years but for whatever reason have never bought one.)
Van Morrison
The Pogues
Bob Dylan (Although I taped a few of his albums from vinyl, I’ve never bought one of his CDs.)
The Jam
Modest Mouse
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
Guided by Voices
Gang of Four (I have an excuse for this one – Entertainment! sells for $23 on Amazon, which is too expensive for me, and is not available at any nearby record stores.)

If you count LPs that I haven’t played in ages, my list is fairly short:

Jethro Tull

Some that come to mind are John Zorn, Sun Ra, and Louis Armstrong. I guess I’ve just always wanted to get some stuff by them but I haven’t yet.

I’m embarrassed to say I don’t own any Clash.

I’ve been saying to myself, “I really should get an Elvis Costello album” for a couple years now.

The Beach Boys
Gram Parsons
Big Star
T. Rex
Motley Crue
Brooks & Dunn
The Chemical Brothers

The Beatles

With the exceptions of Van Morrison, whom I can’t stand, and Zygotic Mynci, whom I’ve never heard of, and Dylan, who I am lukewarm to, those are also on my list of stuff I should own but don’t!

I guess on the top of my list are Modest Mouse, Devo, and Guided by Voices. I should also get Violent Femmes debut, as I have their “Best of”, but consider the studio versions of Add it Up and Kiss Off to be vastly superior.

I should also get some solo Gilmour, as the stuff I’ve heard from him off his solo albums is not bad, but it’s too expensive for me at the moment (as is, I guess, a Violent Femmes CD for only 2 songs.)

They’ve churned out good tunes and I haven’t donated any cash…

1. Grassroots
2. Wimplewinch
3. Def Leppard
4. Strawberry Alarm Clock
5. Walker Bros.
6.Zombies..... independant projects, Colin Blunstone or  Rod Argent
7. Mahogany Rush
8. Small Faces
9. Amboy Dukes
  1. 49th Parallel
  2. Badfinger
  3. Cheap Trick
  4. Roky Erikson…13th Floor Elavators
  5. Free
  6. Man
  7. Quicksilver

I have everyone else!

Bill Withers
Wilbur Harrison
Procol Harum


Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen
Deep Purple
Sex Pistols
SUNN 0)))
Tears For Fears
Three Dog Night

That’s a longer list than I thought it would be.

For Guided by Voices lovers [or people willing to taste something new], I recommend their latest ‘Best of…’ album, ‘Human Amusements at Hourly Rates’:

Well, I have a large classical music collection, but nonsical CD’s were made by famous, acclaimed musicians. I always figured, “Why pay $15.99 for a CD by Glenn Gould or Itzakh Perlman or the London Philharmonic when, for the same price, I could buy 3 CDs by lesser known classical musicians or orchestras?”

I figure I made a VERY small sacrifice in quality to get a LOT more quantity in my collection. A great classical piece performed by even a relatively unknown violinist or orchestra is almost bound to sound great… so why pay triple the price for a big name?