Must ... Not ... Let ... Sale ... Disrupt ... My ... Mission ...

My intent this afternoon was to go to Toys R Us to get my children (Johnzilla and The Dianasaur) a pool. Just a little plastic jobbie-do, you know? It’s been really, really hot here, and they love water. The inflatable one we got last summer has a hole in it, so I wanted to get them a new one.

SO, I headed off towards Toys R Us. As I was approaching the parking lot, I remembered that Kids R Us is right next to Toys R Us, so I decided to check KRU out, because Johnzilla needs shoes. Thought maybe they’d have a sale or something. If there wasn’t anything at KRU, I was going to head to Payless.

SO, off I go into KRU. They sure did have shoes. On sale. 50% off. Oh yeah, they had kids’ summer clothes on sale too, for $2.99. Shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops. Oh man…they were so cute. And my kids DO need summer clothes.

SO, my kids got summer clothes. And as I was at the register, I realized that I might not have enough to get the clothes AND the pool. The lady rang me up…and it came to precisely what I had with me. Not enough for the pool.

But WAIT! I was going to go to Circuit City, because I had to return something that I bought there last week! Yay! More money!

SO, I go to Circuit City, and exchange my stuff. No problem. But while I’m there, I figure I might as well take a look at their wireless phones, because my cell phone, at 2 years old, is totally antiquated and I canNOT find an AC adapter for it ANYwhere. Now, I’m not a big phone user, so I don’t really need a program with all kinds of fancy stuff. I want a phone and a pre-paid minutes card. That’s it (really, I WON’T use it much at all).

SO, off to the phones I go. A nice young man by the name of Ryan asks if he can help me. I know nothing about wireless phones and the packages, so I ask him many questions. He answers them all to my satisfaction, very politely and pleasantly, and since I returned my other stuff, I actually have enough money for the phone. BUT, not the phone and the pool, and a pre-paid minutes card. Oy.

SO, I actually do the right thing. I tell Ryan that I can’t do it right now, but I’ll be back tomorrow, and is it okay for me to ask for him (really, he was very nice and helpful). Yes, it is. So I start out of the store–and it’s raining. In buckets. And my car is AAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL the way across the parking lot.

SO, I decide–no pool. Johnzilla and the Dianasaur can wait. If I had brought a pool home, they’d have wanted me to fill it so they could swim, thunderstorm or no thunderstorm (hey, these are MY wacko kids we’re talking about). I also decide even though I could run back in and get the phone, I won’t. I’ll wait until tomorrow, because I’ve already got plans to go shopping with Mrs. Xploder.

Thank goodness the sales will still be on tomorrow… :smiley:

It’s all just the MAN trying to oppress you, sister. Don’t give in to his temptation! Fight it! Sell all of those summer clothes, and buy itchy, annoying ones made of HEMP! That’ll show whitey who’s boss! YEAH! REP-RE-SENT!


Just as an aside (good post, btw…) you need to put spaces after the “…” or vB interperets the whole linked phrase as one humongous word and messes up the thread view. (in other words, your title should have started "Must… Not… Let… Sale… )

(PS: I cannot read “Johnzilla” without picturing Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) playing that he’s a T-Rex.)


Fenris: Yep. I emailed our mods immediately after I screwed that one up. I don’t know if they’ve actually read the email or not–all I know is it got fixed, and right quick. Damn, those folks are fast. :smiley:

Oh, and that is indeed the impression you are supposed to get about my son. And my daughter. They are Fearsome Beasties, leaving nothing but mayhem and destruction in their respective little wakes. :eek:

Uh-oh…either some kindly Mod fixed things when I was posting or the mushrooms I had on my pasta tonight weren’t the kind I thought they were! :eek:


Simulpost! My very, very first!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I swear, I don’t know what the hell the two of you are talking about. :wink:

It’s SuperMod!

Thanks, Euty! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything fixed that fast before. Was it that annoying, or do you just like me enough to not let me look like a complete moron for more than a few seconds? :smiley: