My 1,000th post. Yay for me!

So here I am with one thousand posts under my belt and I like it.
Does this mean I’m officially not a newbie anymore? Do I get to learn the secret SDMB handshake? Do I have to hunt down and kill one of the older posters to make room?

Congratulations on reaching 1,000 posts.

Nope, you’re still a newbie; you only been here since Jan. (And you’ve already got a 1000 post?.. Hmmm… soooomebody needs to get a life!:wink: Just kidding I only say that becuase I’m jealous.)

Anyway FWIW I think a 1000 post qualifies you for the simulated NON- newbie status.


Congrats, Munkey! A good ol’ pat on the back for 'ya!


Hmmmmm…wonder what he’d say about me?
Oh, yeah, and congrats on snicker 1000 posts, Sock Munkey.

OK, let’s get this sorted now. Once and for all, is it duration of stay or post count that matters when calculating newbie/non-newbiehood? Let’s get a straight, no-bullshit answer.

The straight, no-bullshit answer, Priceguy is that it’s a subjective thing. If you’re still hesitant, error-prone, and the Clique[sub]TM[/sub] don’t admit you into the Great Halls of Power – you’re a newbie.

Personally, if you’re still here regularly posting after 6 months, I reckon you’ve passed the first initiation test. We’ll get back to you about the swimming contest in the alligator pool, okay? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah – congratufabulations, Sock Munkey. :slight_smile:

Q.E.D - what sort of job do you have that you can afford to post a (wild) average of 25 posts per day ???

If I got a life it might interfere with my SDMB time so that’s out.
Thank you all for participating in this thread.
(mubles to self “Must get Q.E.D.”)

One day, I’ll be as cool… only 3 posts or so to go… Oh, the antic…pation inside me building… BUILDING…

Who has the highest average for posts per day?

Just counting people with over 1000 posts, it probably is still Q.E.D., with 27.69 ppd right now.

By answering this post you can get one step closer.


I’ve had enough of your antics, CuriousCanuck. :wink:


i’ve got 2… working on a 1000

Sheesh. I have lurked since early 2000 and only have about 1,500 posts.

Need to get to work.

I dont believe it either…you joined in the same month as me and you got to 1,000. Dammn! But congratulations anyway. Getting there that fast is quite an accomplishment.
And i dont mean to hijack this thread, but im having a celebration of my own…200th post!yay to me too!

I knew my OCD had to come in handy someday…