My 3 Favorite Things

What are you obsessed with?


No family members or friends.

  1. Queen (The rock band)
    I have more books on the band than most people have albums…and a Queen tattoo to boot.(with other tats in mind). Had 10 Queen albums in my Jukebox when i was in the Poolhall biz.

  2. St. Louis Rams(The NFL Team)
    Watched the Rams SB victory dozens of times and have a Rams logo tattoo.(I should move to St Louis and get a job with the Rams)

  3. Tacos(with a SOFT CORN shell…screw that flour shit)
    Eat them several times a week,sometimes 2 or more times a day.Not sure if I want a taco tattoo.I even chose my last Apt so it was next door to my favorite taco shop.

  1. World of Warcraft - I play every day, and I’m a member of a high-end raiding guild. I’m probably addicted.
  2. My cats - I have seven, and I adore them all (they are family members, but I’m not sure they count for the OP’s purposes).
  3. The RPG Shadowrun - I don’t play this so much anymore, but I still love the world and it was my major obsession for close to twenty years.

I feel ya WH…my cat is a family member, so I didn’t include him.He is more important than the other things.

  1. New York Yankees - Been a fan since I was born. My son is named after the Old Professor and Bobby Murcer.

  2. Sports cards - Have 250,000 or so collected on and off since I was like 7.

  3. Books - All sorts (fiction/non-fiction), all genres (classic lit, modern horror, graphic novels), all formats (hardcover, softcover, books on tape, mp3s)

  1. The music of Rachmaninoff.

  2. My kittehs.

  3. My art.

  1. Kermit the frog

  2. My budgies

  3. Rice

[li]Movies[/li][li]Good writing[/li][li]Sleep[/li][/ol]

Liszt (primarily the concertos, sonata, Transcendental Etudes and Hungarian Rhapsodies)
Merlot & Cigar Interlude*
Beethoven (primarily the odd numbered symphonies, piano sonatas and concerti)

  • See how I tied 2 things into 1? Brilliant! :wink:

(since I’m one of those pets-are-my-family people, I’m not counting them here)
**Music. **
If I had to limit it I’d say The Dead. No, wait … Floyd. Oh, no, I meant P-Funk. Brubeck! Arrrrrgggghhhh… waitasecond, the OP just said no family, so I can get away with music!

**Music. **
What, this again? I’m putting creating music in a second category. My drum was hand-picked for me from an African village by my teacher. I think it’s the only material object that I own that I’d consider sacred.

The Internet.
My first connection was to my neighbor, connecting my C-64 to his Apple. It’s impossible to conceptualize the leap. Grandparents saw the dawn of the airplane. Folks saw the dawn of television. Our generation saw the dawn of the Internet (though g’maw did see all three). The Internet lets both Mrs. Dvl and I work from home, connects me to the Dope, and answers everything.

  1. Alice Cooper
  2. eBay
  3. Black Cherry flavored water

Riding my bike on a clear sunny but not hot day.

Drinking hot black tea.

Reading well-written books.

(Also my dog, writing, good movies, red wine, friends)