My 666th Post or Who's Your Favorite Demon?

The Demon of Acedia, which is also called the noonday (or midday) demon, is the most burdensome of all the demons. It is associated with the deadly sin of Sloth… in this state a person is bored, indifferent, disinterested, does not care… Such a person often sleeps too much, talks too much, eats too much, seeks diversion, amusements, succumbs to distractions. Boredom resonates with torpor, languor, dullness, reduced awareness, insensitivity.
The bored person has a great deal of difficulty paying attention. Since meditation is…the practice of paying attention, it is easy to understand why [torpor or acedia] is such a problem in the spiritual life. I cannot truly love that to which I cannot fully attend, and so it is possible to regard the inattentiveness that characterizes boredom as a great threat to love. Originally recognized by desert monks, It would beset the monk at about the fourth hour (10 am) of the morning, encircling his soul until about the eighth hour (2 pm). Then it would make the monk keep looking out of his window and would force him to go bounding out of his cell to examine the sun to see how much longer it is to 3 o’clock, and to look round in all directions in case any of the brethren is there. If anyone has upset the monk recently, the demon throws this in too to increase his hatred It makes him desire other places where he can easily find all that he needs and practice an easier, more convenient craft After all, pleasing the Lord is not dependent on geography, the demon adds; God is to be worshipped everywhere. It joins to this the remembrance of the monk’s family and his previous way of life, and suggests to him that he still has a long time to live, raising up before his eyes a vision of how burdensome the ascetic life is.

So how do I cast out the Demon of Acedia and get some work done around here? I guess closing the SDMB window would probably be a good start :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought it was interesting that the church rectory of the church I used to go to as a kid was at 666 Broad Street.

I think I wasted my 666th on a thread about cats, IIRC.

Six Hudred Sixty-Eight: The Neighbor of The Beast

I’ll go with Mephisto, Marvel Comics’ equivalent of the traditional Satan.

My 666th post was used for a comment on the unjustness of being drunk in a bar.


Titivillus, patron demon of scribes and the author of all typos, especially mine.


The classic ones- Demogorgon, Orcus, Juiblex, Lolth, and Yeenoghu- aren’t as integrated with several game worlds as Graz’zt is. Father of Iuz, ruler of the Triple Realm in the Abyss, he is the most charismatic of the tanar’ri lords. Pazuzu comes in a close second.


I was going to say Graz’zt because he’s a hedonist, Steelerphan.

You took the evil right out of my mouth.

Pazuzu - Lord of Evil Flying things and the bloke who possesed Regan McNeil in “The Exorcist.”