My apologies to Sweet Willy and MEBuckner


I don’t know if this really belongs in the Pit (considering it is very un Pit-ish). If it doesn’t, please feel free to move it along.

On this page of the I want to be a Jew thread, I issued a personal insult to Sweet Willy. It was wrong for two reasons:

[li]The moderator, MEBuckner, had asked repeatedly that no personal insults be used in the forum. Unfortunately, I let my emotions get the better of me and I issued one anyway.[/li][li]I, in fact, asked Sweet Willy not to issue personal insults. I then, in my anger, turned around and used one myself. [/li][/list=1]

While I still disagree with just about everything that Sweet Willy said in the above referenced thread, I do want to apologize to him for the personal insult issued. I also want to apologize to MEBuckner for momentarily forgetting the moderator’s instructions.

You gentlemen have my sincerest apologies.

Zev Steinhardt

No problem Zev Steinhardt. Sorry I called you a putz. I just felt it was relative to the debate since we have a yiddish insult available 24/7 provided by the SDMB. Sorry anyway.

Nice apology, zev.

Nice “apology”, Willy.

Andygirl, Zev Steinhardt offers up some reasons for insulting me. Could I be allowed the same without your condescension?

Zev, you’re a gentleman.

Sweet Willy, you’re a fucking dick.

No, you can’t, as that part deserves as much condescention as it can possibly acquire and then some. You’ll doubtlessly consider it part of the racist Jewish conspiracy anyway, so why let my opinion faze you at all?

You see, Zev Steinhardt, wanted to know how Jewish tradition affects gentiles. A yiddish insult meant to fly over the head of us gentiles is a good example. It is further relevant due to the notorious availability and acceptability of the insult on this board. My point being that it was not as much of a personal attack but a way of driving home the answer to his question. Zev Steinhardt , did take this as a personal insult and I apologize.

Perhaps you can now explain how you thought it was “relevant” to call him “a waste of keystrokes” - the insult that got your thread closed. I don’t see an apology for that one.

Willy: a lot of things probably fly over your “gentile” head…:rolleyes:

vanilla. You misspelled “genital”.


Without commenting on the relative appropriateness of either of these claims, I just wanted to say that sometimes eloquence is found in brevity. This was such a time, jjimm.

  1. Oh, I see. Putz is one of those insults that is from a ghettoized bubble- nobody knows what it means outside of those persnickety Jews, and damned if they aren’t flaunting it in our faces… It has not been co-opeted by a American culture and society at large. Goys don’t use it on a regular basis. It’s not like every other word that the English language has claimed as its own and removed from cultural context. 'Cause it’s Jewish.

  2. The Putz smiley is actually called “wally.” Wally being a very dear poster who passed away a few years ago who very often called people putzes. It’s in his honor and memory.

Good lord, you’re a schvitzing schlumper.

I should apologize too, for using personal attacks and non-debate-worthy commentary in G.D. It was completely cranky and un-cool of me. Thanks to Zev for setting a good example.


sweetwilly, how can we miss you if you wont go away?

Whoa, flashback!

Flashback indeed, LaurAnge. portajon (see page 2 of the linked thread) had the same arguments and also liked to post the the occasional dictionary definition.

So if Willy was warned not to insult in GD, and then he insults anyway - enough so that the thread gets closed - why, exactly, is he still posting here?

I think the mods are going soft on us. :frowning:


Well, Esprix, if they banned Sour Dick…oops! I mean Sweet Willy…for that, then they’d have to ban Zev, too, wouldn’t they?

Don’t worry— at this rate, SW will get himself 86’ed soon enough.

minty green, I agree with you factually, but I don’t want it said that I’m insinuating that Willy’s a sock. I don’t believe he is.

It just scary that more than one person holds these views.