My Ass - A Game

So my friend John Kilgallon (a Major in the US Army, a font of knowledge upon aviation and WW2, and one of the happiest, most up-beat guys I know) wrote a song. He really didn’t care about the melody. The words were only added when someone when someone else decided to come up with them. All John really cared about was coming up with a song titled, “My Ass”. Think about what would be said if this song were actually to become a major hit. Just think about it.
“My Ass” is number one with a bullet.

“My Ass” is huge in Japan.

Y’know, we’re thinking about trying to put an entire woodwind section into “My Ass”.

I’m not sure about the CD version, but “My Ass” is great in vinyl.

Shooting the video of “My Ass” was a lot of work, but MTV’s paying me a bundle for it.

I’m sure you can come up with other such statements. Enjoy!

I can’t stop thinking about “My Ass!”

I just can’t get “My Ass” out of my head.

“My Ass” held on to number two for three weeks before it finally dropped.

[sub]((Yeah yeah… my 700th post is toilet humor… har har.))[/sub] :wink:

Sony has purchased exclusive rights to “My Ass”

Hundreds of listeners have called in to request “My Ass”

“My Ass”, bigger that Jesus

“My Ass”, on the cover of Rolling Stone

Fans can’t get enough of “My Ass”

I met this woman who was a little confused, but she had “My Ass” right on the tip of her tongue!

People really can’t get enough of “My Ass”.

Whenever I feel down, I just stick in “My Ass”, and it seems that everything is A-OK!

Nothing says old time rock n’ roll like “My Ass”.

My girlfriend is so talented! Just yesterday she picked out “My Ass” on the piano, completely by herself!

“My Ass” is getting so big, you can hear it’s rythmic stirrings in commercials now too!

I’ve been humming “My Ass” all day long.

tee hee.

Some rap star sampled “My Ass.”

When you hear the sound of “My Ass”, you’ll be hooked in no time!

“My Ass” has a latin flavor that you won’t soon forget!

“My Ass” is the #1 seller in the country.

“My Ass” To be featured in the soundtrack for “Your Face”. What a match!

I want to share My Ass with the whole world. Bring people closer to each other through My Ass.

“My Ass”, Unplugged.

(God am I bored, :slight_smile: )

The Southern Babtist church has declared ‘My Ass’ to be a incampatable with Christianity, and believes ‘My Ass’ to be a tool of Satan. In order to protect the children, they are pushing for a complete Boycott of ‘My Ass’ In response the ACLU Declared ‘My Ass’ to be constitutionally protected. They are already preparing to rally around ‘My Ass’.

Bulletin: Now more artists have chosen to do their own versions of “MY ASS” in more ways than even “YESTERDAY”

In a shameful lip synching performance reminiscent of Milli Vanilli, Britney Spears mouthed My Ass in front of millions at the halftime show of the SuperBowl.

Johnny bought “My Ass” but had trouble opening it up.

Joe said he would burn a copy of “My Ass” for you.

“My Ass” has explicit lyrics and bears the parental warning sticker.

I popped “My Ass” into the tapedeck and tapped my feet.

“My Ass” is the biggest thing since sliced bread!

Just when you thought it was safe, here comes “My Ass”!

I bought “My Ass” brand new but it’s defective.

Joan borrowed “My Ass” and never gave it back.

Reports from local Disc Jockey’s, Blockbuster’s, and Sam Goody’s stores say that “My Ass” has been impossible to find. Considering that “My Ass” has been out for almost four weeks now, this is quite an accomplishment. Executives at Butterfield Records, the label for “My Ass”, have stated that they expect “My Ass” to go platinum in no time.

And it’s no wonder, with thousands of teenagers crowding malls and music stores screaming for “My Ass”.
[sub]G-d, I’m bored. But for some reason this post made me feel really good about myself. :wink: [/sub]

I hate it when the DJ cuts off the end of ‘My Ass’.