my bad, fluiddruid

Forgot that mere posters aren’t allowed to call dumb threads dumb, only Mods are. Won’t happen again.

Right on schedule.

You were completely out of line in that thread, and you know it. The only reason you posted was to insult. If I didn’t call it insults, I could call it threadshitting.

You were being a jerk by any reasonable standard. That shit does not belong in the Game Room.

Remember we had a topic about the phrase “The usual suspects” awhile back?
Yeah, PRR, you’re one of them when I think of that phrase.

PRR, why exactly do you feel the warning was unwarranted? Give me a good reason to support you here.

If you were looking for something to use as an example of threadshitting I don’t think you could find anything that epitomizes it more.

You clearly hate it here. Why not just leave and never come back?

You know, prr, there are actual injustices in the world. Real ones that actually make a difference in the lives of real people. Lots of them. Have you ever considered putting your energies to work fighting one of those instead of the constant tilting at windmills you engage in here?

Because martyrdom is forever! This is the slowest, most drawn-out suicide-by-mod in this board’s history.

It’s the post of a thousand cuts.

Argggghhh I hope you get a month time out just for linking to one of tomndebb’s “TWEEEEEEEEEEEET” posts.

Amen. You’re like one of my co-workers who constantly complains about how much she hates this city. Just leave or shut up about it.

I sort of had some sympathy if there was double standards.

There is not. PRR states an argument is dumb and if you don’t realise it you are dumb.

The Mod says to take dumb arguments out of the thread.

Not very much the same.

spelling error?

OK, that made me laugh.

The situations in the OP are not comparable, but I do appreciate a good quip.

Well, the important thing is you were man enough to admit you were wrong.

And then got banned.

Slowest suicide by mod ever.

I’m closing this since PRR is no longer here to defend himself. For clarification, he has been suspended, not banned; I am awaiting an update from an admin on his title.