My best friend just had her first grandchild

It’s a girl. No news yet on her name or anything else; but the first picture reveals a contemplative person. I googled “Behold the gift of the Goddess” and the first picture that came up was a picture of Durga, which I think is a very good thing. I realize there’s not too much reaction I can expect anyone else to have, but I want to say that I am in a terrifically good mood because of this happy news, and I wish for all of you every good thing. Bless you all.

Blessed be

Tell your BF to get all the kisses now. My, just turned 4yo. Grandson told me he was out of kisses. :frowning:

That’s ok, Beck, they make more.

Congratulations to your friend and may that child grow up hale and healthy, with many interesting things to contemplate.