My bird seed sprouted!

I’m going to grow birds!!!

Might want to take a good look at what 'zactly sprouted. My mother is big into bird feeders, squirrel feeders, hummingbird feeders, etc. At least once that I know of, when using commercial birdseed, she had a couple of marijuana plants sprout in her backyard. The plants were destroyed by lawnmower, which, while wasteful, solved the problem without undue embarassment.

On top of Oakminster’s example, I’d be keen to know what kind of plants have sprouted from the seeds.

So now you have a whole bunch of little birds? :smiley:

**betenoir[/] planted some bird seed in a pot,
and what do you think he got?
Not robins or hens,
or tiny brown wrens,
just dirt that he watered a lot.

I don’t remember where that limerick came from, but I thought of it when I read the thread title.

No, silly, they just sprouted. I have to wait for the birds. (Just like I’m waiting for the babies in the cabbage plants in the back yard…can’t understand why they haven’t shown up…what am I doing wrong??)

Actually, I’d like to know what sprouted…I’m pretty sure it’s not marijuana. Though that would be interesting. What in bird feed would sprout? Personally I’m hoping for a parrot :slight_smile: .

Well I’m a she, but other than that I feel honored to be part of a limerick. I feel like I could be from Nantucket :slight_smile: .

Sunflower, millet, safflower, peanuts, nyjer thistle…that’s most of commercial seed, although nyjer is typically heat sterilized to prevent sprouting.

So…no parrot seeds :frowning: ?

Well at least I’m set for peanuts for the rest of the summer.

I always wanted my thistle to sprout, but it won’t. Turns out it’s not really “thistle.” It’s some sort of Ethiopian Thistle whatever that means but it won’t grow in my yard.

I agree. Be really careful: a friend of mine who was growing marijuana in his back yard got a knock on the door once from the Drug Squad - but only because he had opium poppies growing in his front yard, from birdseed. Nearly gave him a heart attack. He allowed the cops to remove the poppies from the yard, and carried on with his illegal activities…