I have a bird; a species that needs a lot of fresh veg’s along with its seed. So I started sprouting seed for it. Then, addictive personality that I am, I went sprout crazy.

There’s something so cool about having access to fresh green veggies, dead of winter, straight from the pantry. IT’s like eating sunshine when there’s nothing outside but gray.

So far my favorite, by a factor of like infinity, is French Lentils. I have, ready to go, when I get some more cheesecloth, black sesame seeds; daikon radish seeds; broccoli seeds; cilantro; celery . . . and a few more.

Mustard sprouts are AWESOME! they’re like lighting a salad with green fire! Mung beans are reliable; good to freshen up a bowl of soup. Adzuki were disappointing; so were peas.

You know what I hate? Some of these sprouts get woody, real fast. The first ones I tried that weren’t bird seed were the french lentils, cuz I had them on hand. Half a cup yielded like a GALLON of sprouts! Woohoo! I’m a kitchen alchemist! So I ordered som peas online. Sprouted. Waited till the cup was like a gallon, and ptooey: solid wood. Inedible. You gotta eat the peas at like a quarter inch! Same with the adzukis. I figured, since they look like red mung, they’ll get nice and big and still be tender, right? Wrong. Wood. Same with black beans.

Right now I’m trying flageolet beans. You know what doesn’t sprout at all? Flageolet beans. I’m about to give up and toss them, after like a week.

Anyone else sprout? what do you sprout? How do you sprout? How do you eat them? (Me, lentil sprouts with lemon juice and green olive oil. Period. Makes me feel like rested and exercised and younger. Magic food.)

Fenugreek is supposed to be quite good; sort of a mild curry flavour; if you like sprouted coriander, you’ll probably like it.

You know how broccoli is said to have a chemical in it that seems to ward off breast cancer? Well, broccoli sprouts have a whole lot more of it than the full grown plant.

No, I don’t grow them, but I buy them when I can find 'em.

Cool. Broccoli’s easy to sprout, too. You should try it.