My Bitchface Co-Worker Needs To Be Fired

I work at a daycare and there is a lady who works with me that I cannot stand. She is always in other people’s business and she is cruel. The other day another lady and I were outside with some kids and “Angela” came all the way from the front of the building to the backyard to tell us what time it is and to go inside. She left all her kids she was in charge of by themselves to go tell us what to do. Not only that she leaves her kids alone for twenty-five minutes at a time. Her room has a door to the outside, anybody could come in and take a kid and nobody would be the wiser.

Along with her bossy and careless behavior, she calls kids stupid, tells them their clothes are ugly, and told a three-year-old that his dad is worthless. Another gem moment was when she wasn’t going to give the kids anything to drink during snack because she would have to wash the cups. She also goes through the kids cubbies and takes candy. “Angela” also goes through the deposit box to see how much a parent pays and how much they owe, and looks through the petty cash. Damn, she pisses me off.

I have told her that she is hateful and she shouldn’t be calling kids names, and so on. I talked to the boss and so has everyone else there, but nothing is happening. The boss is pissed at what is going on but she’s too much of a wimp to do anything about it, like fire her. What makes it worse is that “Angela” is pregnant and poor and the boss feels sorry for her and doesn’t want to can her, even though she deserves it.

Clearly “Angela” hates kids, in fact, she admitted it to me. So why does she work at a daycare? I asked her that and she said she needs the money. Well, why doesn’t she go to wal-mart and get her a job where she won’t be surrounded by kids?

Does this make you want to run out and put your kid in daycare? Think twice before doing it because there are some hateful bitches out there who don’t give a shit about your children.

Yep, I used to work at daycares and as the OP mentioned there are plenty of people watching your kids that eitheir have no clue or are just malicious for the heck of it. I loved the kids I used to watch but this is definitely not universal.

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Ya know, her talking to the kids that way is psychological and emotional abuse. Call the Day Care licensing people. They’ll take care of her and give your Director something to use for a spine.

But…but…I don’t remember writing the OP…When I saw your title, something, I thought I had written it about my bitchface co-worker. She’s an older lady (mid-50’s, I guess), so you think she’d know better by now, but she takes her bad moods and stress out on her co-workers, and our wimpy supervisor doesn’t do a damned thing about it. Even when she isn’t actively biting my head off, she’s sitting at her desk griping and grumbling and slamming things and just generally putting everyone in a bad mood.

The worst part - my job is closely woven with hers, so there are lots of times that I have to ask her for direction or help - it’s so bad that I’m afraid to approach her when I need to. Other people from other departments are starting to notice and be afraid to approach her for stuff they need, too. This is just so unacceptable in a workplace. I feel for ya, something. When I quit my job, her bitchiness will definitely be a factor.

Can I have her job? Waitasec, it doesnt pay as much as banging useless keyboard keys all day :frowning:

I’m certainly not the best person with kids, but I’d do better than this waste of genes :rolleyes:

maybe you could tell your boss, ‘look, i know you don’t want to fire her, so just talk to her, tell her she cannot keep treating the kids and staff that way or the authorities will show up’

i don;t know, but it might be worth a shot…

Well maybe when she has a little one of her own at home to abuse then she’ll lay off the kids at work.

This chick is a TV-movie of the week waiting to happen.

I’m just glad someone besides me uses the term “Bitchface”. I LOVE that word! Bitchface, Bitchface, Bitchface!

I should be sympathetic, given that she’s pregnant. But if she worked at my son’s daycare, I’d make it my personal mission in life to see that she either is fired, quits, or is banned from the childcare industry for life.

I used to work at a daycare/preschool and if we left our class alone for ONE SECOND we would be fired immediately! This sounds horrid and I second the suggestion that you report her to someone at licensing or HRS.

What do the parents of the kids she’s insulted say? Do they know this is going on? If they do know, or if they somehow find out, you could ask them to go to the boss as well. Complaints from paying customers may have more weight than complaints from co-workers, so the boss may be forced to take action.

You think if she takes a job at WalMart she won’t be surrounded by kids all day?!

Give me an hour with her, alone in a room… I’d slap the bitch off her face, that’s for sure. What a c***! And this evil bitch… this waste of space is going to have a child?! And people wonder why I doubt God exists!

She needs more than to be fired. She needs a serious kick in the ass every hour on the hour for life. I hope something happens between now and the time her child is born that shows her how fucked up she is but life isn’t at all perfect.

I truly feel for this baby and it makes me angry that she’s so cold and hateful.

Maxim magazine used it a few months back. It was in a double-list of signs your girlfriend is high/low maintenance.

Referring to her mother as “bitchface”, for example, is a sign of needing high maintenance.

Her having a nursing degree, by contrast, clearly indicates low maintenance.

Oh yes, I’ve made it my business to know ALL of the teachers there! ALL of them! Even the ones that aren’t in charge of the GrizzCub’s age-group.
If you KNOW these things are true, AND have proof and witnesses, then keep climbing th ladder until you reach someone who will DO something about this.
Oh sure, having the kids in her care is better then letting them rummage through the dumpsters for scraps all day, but I’ll be danged if I’d stand for having MY child treated in such a way.

I know it could be tough on you; but I think you’ve got the responsibility to be a whistleblower here.

No, but it does make me want to pit somethingblue2u…

If she is doing this crap, report her. If her boss won’t do anything about it, report the daycare. If you care about these kids, take action - tell the parents, tell the licensing agency, tell health and human services. Don’t pit her here and gripe about people who put their kids in daycare. Does that accomplish a darn thing for these kids?

If I pull my kids from daycare because I’m afraid of people like her, people like you don’t have jobs. As a daycare mom, I’m dependant on people like you keeping your eye out for people like her – and taking immediate action. Its one of the reasons my kids are in a center where the daycare staff can watch one another and cull out the kid haters, rather than a home daycare where I am left clueless.

And I’ll assure you we all think twice about putting our kids in daycare. And many parents wouldn’t put their kids in a daycare where the center director lacks a backbone. I’ve seen staff at our daycare not last a week when it becomes obvious they aren’t cut out for child care.

If you don’t approve of the parents who put their kids in daycare - why are you working at one? And one so badly run that they aren’t running this woman out on a rail? Kids can read a lot, you know, and your attitude regarding their parents may be as harmful as your coworkers overt bitchiness.

“If you don’t approve of the parents who put their kids in daycare - why are you working at one? And one so badly run that they aren’t running this woman out on a rail? Kids can read a lot, you know, and your attitude regarding their parents may be as harmful as your coworkers overt bitchiness.”

I didn’t take it like that. I think the OP is just frustrated at being in a situation where she has no pull over what happens. I don’t think she’s being judgmental about the parents, just warning them that these kind of people work in daycares and they should be careful.

Please, please, please report this woman to the center parents and the state or local authorities in charge of child care.

Our daycare recently went through a difficult transistion (nothing like this though) and we had an anonymous note in our mailbox in my son’s room. In our case, the charges were really ludicrous, but you could do something like that possibly, just to get the shit stirring against this bitch. What I would implore you to do, also, is when you witness her being mean to a child, call her out right then and there. Something like, “Ms. Angela! What a mean joke! Brittany’s outfit isn’t ugly, I think it’s very nice.” A little intervention like that will mean a lot to the child.

Punch her in the throat then donkey-kick her in the kidneys! While she lays on the ground in agony, clamp a “ViceGrip” tool on her tounge and YANK IT!

Well, maybe not. That might be a little harsh! :smiley: Forget I said anything.