My boss got fired yesterday

And I totally missed it! Damn me for drinking during the week! Apparently he was fired for lacking the “people skills” needed to do the job effectively. Of all the things he could’ve been fired for, including but not limited to his utter inability to answer even the simplest question that required the tiniest scrap of actual job knowledge, how they came up with “lack of people skills” I don’t know. Except that there’s some scuttlebutt about some blow-up he had with someone in HR. Anyway, he sucked and now he’s gone.

I had a boss fired once. I think TPTB waited until I made my daily run to the bank and post office, then let him go. He came into my office, told me he was leaving. Like a dunce, I thought he meant for lunch. He explained it further, I wished him well.

He and I got along well together, but I don’t think upper management was happy with his work.

Can you apply for the boss’s job?

They’re not filling his job; they’re just re-assigning us all to different bosses.