My boyfriend and I love Dead Nation. What else will we love?

Title pretty much sums it up. We have a PS3 (obviously, I guess) and are looking to branch out from our (totally, utterly beloved) DN. We need something that meets the following criteria:

  1. Multiplayer, since we prefer playing at the same time rather than in turns.
  2. Overhead perspective (like DN) or third-person.
  3. NO first-person or split screen perspective/shooter. One of the recent Resident Evil games nearly made me puke trying to keep up with the visuals.
  4. Doesn’t need to be brand-spanking new.
  5. Scary. Like, Silent Hill scary. Can be ghosts or zombies or monsters.

I’ve seen recommendations for Siren: Blood Curse and Dead Space, but they look kind of meh to me (the setting of Dead Space doesn’t really appeal).


Bumping once for the non-weekend crowd. Should I have put this in IMHO? :slight_smile:

Dead Nation is one of the few PS3 games that hits all your criteria. So I imagine the lack of response is because it’s a bit hard to come up with anything else.

That said, I’d give Diablo III a whirl. Not scary exactly, but definitely a horror setting and a great multiplayer game.

Well, poop. I was afraid of that.

Played, and love, all the Diablos (as well as Everquest 1 and 2). Should we consider branching out to computer games? It’s not as comfy as lounging on the couch, but I guess the idea isn’t completely off the table.