My brain hurts! Help me remember this metal video


I can’t remember the song, but the video is sort of about this sweaty office worker guy who opens his briefcase and freaks the fuck out. Eventually he ends up on a rooftop with lots of pigeons where he either explodes or the briefcase explodes or maybe the pigeons explode or he jumps off or something.

It’s definitely a thrash/death metal thing, but no, it’s not Dethklok’s Briefcase Full of Guts. It’s live action, and it was a “real” video, not something someone made for a song they liked.

Judas Priest’s You Got Another Thing Comin’.


This is somebody like Pig Destroyer or Cannibal Corpse or something. I’m not even sure the band is in the video but they may have been playing on the roof that the office guy eventually makes his way up to. I seem to remember that he always had his briefcase in his hand and had on light colored (blue?) suit.

So there are other videos where people’s heads explode?