My brain is no longer in working order

Ever had a “My brain is not functioning” moment? One of those moments where you are suddenly and inexplicably dense.

For me it was when I was sightseeing with my mother in England. We went to one of England’s numerous fabulous castles. We wanted to have our hands free so we locked our purses in the trunk.

After enjoying the castle, we went back to the car. As we started to get in, we noticed that the door lock was all scratched and messed up.

My mom, “Oh dear, it looks like someone must have accidently banged into the door and scratched the lock part. Practically pulled the lock out of the door! I wonder how that happened?”

Me: “Hey, look! The seat in the back that gives access to the trunk is folded down. Maybe when the person banged into the door, the seat’s locking mechanism broke and the seat fell down.”

Mom and I then go into the trunk to retrieve our purses.

Me: “Hmmm, I could have sworn I left my purse zipped.”

Mom: “Yah, me too. And somehow I managed to leave the wallet on top of the purse!”

Me: (now flipping through my wallet) “Silly me! I just know I took a bunch of cash with me. I guess I left it at the hotel. Could you lend me some until we go back?”

Mom: (looks in her wallet) “That’s strange, I don’t have any cash either, I must have forgotten it. I wonder how that happened?”

Me: “I guess we’ll have to pay for lunch with credit cards. Wait! I can’t find my credit cards! I can’t belive I left them in the hotel too! What was I thinking!”

Mom: “I forgot my credit cards too. Now how could we both have been so silly?”
Mom and I are shaking our heads at our forgetfulness.

Then slowly, very painstakingly slowly, I begin to put somethings together:

  1. The broken car door lock
  2. The seat accessing the trunk was down
  3. Our purses were opened and the wallets pulled out
  4. All our cash is gone
  5. All our credit cards are gone

I turn to Mom and say, “Hey, you don’t suppose it’s possible that someone broke into the car and stole our money, do you?”



Once when I was wandering off mentally in my second grade classroom (Catholic School), I started to wonder to myself, “How did Jesus die?”

I guess the answer is a bit tricky, but basically, I managed to temporarily forget about that whole crucifixtion/resurrection dealy.