My breath stinks.

Another drawback to being flat broke.

—I’m using a brand of toothpaste I can’t stand. If I can save a buck by using this tube that was in the medicine cabinet, that’s what I have to do. But as soon as I can afford a tube of Pepsodent, this thing is going in the trash.

—I’m all out of mints and gum, and if I can’t even afford toothpaste, I certainly can’t afford those.

—And the main problem is, I can’t even afford diet cola. I’m surviving on powdered fruit drink, which has the benefit of calories so I can eat a little less, but I can feel the sugar fermenting in my mouth.

I’m brushing my teeth throughout the day, but it’s not enough. Sigh…No kisses for me.

Well, one thing that helps is, drink more water. Lots. And, if you don’t do it already, brush your tongue. I do that. It helps a lot.

Also, I love the 99 cent store. They have lots of stuff at that might help, at affordable prices. Especially if you’re broke. I hope things work out for you soon!

Check your email.

Zenster: Done and done!

Heloise: Yes, I normally get my toothpaste and gum at the 99 cent store. Along with a particularly addictive brand of sugar wafers, which makes the toothpaste all the more necessary!

I do brush my tongue, as much as I can without gagging. I just didn’t realize how much I looooooove Pepsodent until I had to use [whisper]Crest[/whisper].