My cat hid my glasses behind the toilet.

She’s a kleptomaniac. If she can carry it, she will steal it and hide it. Until now, she focused mostly on hairclips, pens, earrings, one of my flip flops… And other than the ocassional bottle cap or bread tie, it’s only my stuff.
Lastweek, I found her stash behind the water heater.

I keep my glasses in a tray on my desk. I’ve noticed them out of the tray before, and once on my chair. So I started putting them inside the big mug I use as a pen holder. She managed to get them out without disturbing anything else.

Well, better there than my cats’ favourite hiding spot… which happens to be their litterbox. Ewwww.

(thankfully, the only thing they feel the need to hide are their toys, and they seem to have a pretty good grasp on what is and isn’t a toy)

Are you sure this isn’t a comment on the quality of their toys? :wink:

My best friend’s cat likes to take everything out of her purse, scatter the contents (money, pens, what-have-you) around the bedroom, and then stuff the purse full of cat toys. It was cute twice. After a dozen repeats, said friend has taken to shutting her purse in a drawer when she gets home.

Oh, and she still finds the occasional wadded up dollar bill behind something when she cleans.

That’s hilarious. Our wolf cub loves our plastic water bottles. So much so that if we aren’t careful, he will steal the one we are actually currently using! This morning, while waiting for the kids (well, ok, just my son) to finish getting ready for school, I was playing fetch with Udo and decided to throw him a curve ball (get it? hahahaha, I am so clever!) and threw a second water bottle after he had grabbed the first one I threw. It took him about 6 or 7 tries before he figured out how to get both of them in his mouth at the same time (he had each one by the mouth pointing in opposite directions) and made it *almost *to me with them both before dropping one of them. When I did the disappointed look and asked “where’s the other one?” he went back and started kicking it with his front paws until he had brought both of them to me. :smiley: I work with people that wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this task!

You’d think so, except that they fish out the toys after an hour or two.

…with their mouths.

Anyone who says cats are fastidiously clean animals clearly hasn’t met mine.

Other favourite places to stash toys:

  • in the water bowl (and on one occasion, the toilet)
  • inside my shoes
  • under the couch
  • under the dresser
  • under the bed

One of my cats loves Q-Tips. I can buy him the most expensive / exotic toy known to cat, and he pays it lip service for an hour or so, then it’s back to the Q-Tips.

Now for the odd(er) part. I never knew where he was taking them. He’s grab one off the bathroom counter in the upstairs bathroom while I was getting ready, then wander off with it in his mouth…and I’d never see them laying around anywhere again.

Until a recent bathroom cleaning. While mopping the floor, I picked up the perfectly undisturbed bathmat…and they they all were, about 50 of them, buried like dog bones under the bathmat.

The bathmat in the downstairs bathroom. :confused:

Ahem. You have violated The Rule. Pictures, please.

I had a cat once that used to put stuff in my shoes. Bottle caps, twist ties, whatever she could find- I had to shake my shoes out before I could put them on.

Klepto Kitty

The only time she gets into my purse, is when I have something minty in there. One time I found a soggy, opened roll of Rolaids lying on the floor with a trail of silver paper bits leading back to my purse.

She’s adorable.

Our cats like to hide their milk jug rings underneath the dryer. One of my cats used to steal my daughter’s makeup brushes, to the point where my daughter started putting them in the drawer. We bought the cat a furry toy mouse, and then all was well.

Back in the day, I would visit my boyfriend after PT school. When I went home, I kept finding his (clean) socks and underwear stuffed into my coat sleeves and pockets, or backpack.
Aside from this bit of oddness, he was really cool. So I would just drop them in the laundry when I came back. After a while, I decided I should ask him what this socks-and-underpants thing was about. On the visit when I was going to ask, I heard a frantic rustling from my backpack and caught his cat with a mouthfull of sock pawing open my backpack to stash her prize.

We have a Q-tip cat and a milk ring cat. Both hide them under the throw rugs.

We used to have a cat that liked little bean bag teddy bears. I used to get them for my daughter when I traveled. The cat would steal them off her shelf and carry his “kill” under the bed.

I had a cat years ago that loved caps from 2-liter bottles. You did not dare drop one by accident. She would come out of the wood work and rush in and grab it and run off wth it.

You’re lucky. I once had a cat that would catch tiny little mice and leave them in my shoes . . . sometimes not quite dead. I learned ***very quickly ***to check my shoes before putting them on. :eek:

Bear, King of teh Dumb, will take anything, everything and hide it in a shoe.

Any shoe.

My cat likes to hide my VPN token. And I have another cat that likes to hide candy bars, but only Reese’s Peanut Butter Stix. We had a couple different candy bars, and she chose that one a couple of times, and hid it under an end table.

Seriously? I’d love to hear more about this. Is he full blooded, partial? Can’t say I know anyone else that’s got a wolf.

I had quite the ordeal this morning from cats hiding themselves. Other than that, Riff is find of sponges, especially make up sponges. I keep running out of places to keep them so he can’t get them. He always finds a way to get them. Someone also likes q-tips but I am not sure if it’s Riff or Pi or more than one. All of them like emery boards and will steal them. I am always buying multi packs of them and make-up sponges to replace the missing ones.

My worse klepto cat was one I had many years ago, he’s since gone to kitty heaven. He was blind but he had a great personality, he loved everyone humans and animals alike, he wasn’t afraid of anything except possibly me rearranging the furniture and he thought he was a dog. He was about 6 months old when I brought him home from the clinic where he’d been living, no one was adopting him due to his vision problem. My Golden was pregnant at the time and decided he was her baby so she mothered him and he was the only other animal she allowed near her puppies. He was often found wallowing in a sea of Golden puppies. Even as they got bigger than him he’d still be in the dogpile with them but he’d come out covered in puppy slobber and then come over to me to be petted.

He was blind due to juvenile cataracts and supposedly he could only see shadows but that doesn’t explain how he could see the little things he would steal. He would steal my jewelry and other little knick-knacks. I was often finding earrings in odd places, I never wore the one I found in the litter box ever again. I knew it was him because I caught him in the act. He’d get in the tub and play with my razors and sometimes would run around the house with them. But he never had any injuries or foreign bodies in his intestines from his habit. Damn, I miss that cat.

Then there are the cats who “gift” you with things. My geriatric stego-cat (referred to as such because her vertebrae are akin to a stegosaurus’ bony plates) presents me with “prey” - a roll of socks - that she places next to me while I sleep. Most often she wakes me us as she does this because she makes this low pitched call <“ow----ow----ow”> while she carries the sock-wad from the drawer to the bed.

You… You have a Wolf cub!?!

I am INSANELY jealous. I’ve wanted one for years! I would have thought owning an animal like that would be dangerous, though; isn’t there a real possibility of him going berserk like that Chimpanzee that was shot by police recently? I mean, wolves are wild animals after all.

That said… How do you go about purchasing such a pet? Are they illegal in any states? Can I get one that’s all white, either an albino or an Arctic Wolf? What special care do you have to take when raising a wolf? DETAILS, man (or woman)!

Back on topic - our smaller cat steals anything that isn’t nailed down and carries it around the house. So much so that when anything gets lost we say that “it’s been Smeeched!” (we call the cat Smeeches, not sure why). Oh, and her favoite game is “Gravity” wherein she gets up on a shelf or dresser or whatever and bats at things until they fall to the floor. It’s funny to watch.

I actually posted about him when I first got him. His father is full-blooded timber wolf, the mother is timber wolf and maybe something else. Since our boy has 2 different colour eyes (which is not a wolf trait that I know of), we can only assume the mother has something else in her. Since he looks just like her and they both look like Australian Shepherds, we think that might be a possibility. Wolf-hybrids are more common than you might think. So common, in fact, that the trainer that does the puppy socialisation classes (we take Udo out as much as possible for social skills) thought maybe I was unaware of his lineage.

I don’t want to hijack this thread about my boy (even though I am as proud of him as I can be, he’s a wonderful boy!) and my thread would be a zombie, so feel free to PM me if you have questions about him. For pictures, you can look here, here, here, and here(where he’s doing what wolves do – mauling me).

ETA – don’t be jealous. They don’t make “good” pets. If you guys would like, I will do an Ask the thread and answer as best I can.