My cat is freaking brilliant!!

My cat is freaking brilliant!!

I have two cats, Gouda and SleeStak. They are sisters. SleeStak is a fairly big cat. Well, actually she is fat. And she really likes food. So much so that when ever I go into the kitchen she runs in meowing until I either a) fill the food bowl if it is empty or b) act like I fill the bowl by moving the food around a bit. Unless she is asleep that is. Of the two cats Slee is the more dominate one.

So I got them a new little fluffy kitten pad. They both dig it. They can both barely fit into it if Slee kind of scrunches up a bit. Otherwise Slee gets the pad and Gouda is out of luck.

Well, for the past 3 days something odd has been happening. I wake up and Gouda is the one who has been running to the food bowl meowing while Sleestak has been crashed on the kitten pad. Today I figured out what is going on.

Gouda runs to the food bowl and meows. I, being a well trained human, put some food in the bowl. Sleestak, who has taken over the kitten pad, hears the food come out and races over to the food bowl. At that point Gouda walks away and gets in the kitten pad while Slee goes to town on the food.

Gouda has done this 3 days in a row.

Gouda is brilliant.


Gouda is also the name of a delicious cheese. Mmmm… gouda.

I think its great your littlier cat has gone all Machavelli on Sleestack though.

When the food bowls are filled there are quite a few cats in the general area to check them out. Except my “not too bright” Siamese, who will locate the nearest human for lovin’. He knows those food bowls are never empty, but if all the cats are over there, he can get all the attention.