My cat is so weird that...

…he will stand on my desk under my chin while I am chewing gum because he thinks I am petting him.


So what weirdness is your cat up to?

Talking of weird.

We have two cats. They don’t really get on but…

Yesterday one of them puked twice on a rug. I cleared it up. Then the other cat started trying to cover it, the way he would cover his doings in the litter tray.

Despite there being nothing to cover it he persivered.

The following day there was a stain, and a pile of fluf and dust and bits on top of it, and a clean area around it!

We are going to bung the rug in the washing machine.

Edit: If you don’t mind me saying - that’s one unusual looking cat you got there!

What an amazing cat! Is that a Rex?

The weirdness of my cats can’t compete, but I’ll submit anyway:

Cat #1has lived with cat #2 for over 4 years now - more than half her life. But she still acts shocked if she comes into the bedroom and cat #2 is on the bed already. She hisses, makes hurt growly noises, and leaves.

Cat #2 never shuts up. I mean, never. Well, unless you pet her. But if she is awake, and she is not being petted, she’s crying.

My cat is so weird that fairly often he steals one of my flip flops and runs through the house with it in his mouth. If I don’t notice right away, he chews on it. My flip flops are full of teeny-tiny teeth marks. I thought only dogs chewed up shoes?

A link to go with my post above…

My husband’s cat is all about the shoes and feet.

My cat is so weird that she jumps into the laundry basket as soon as it’s empty, and it makes her life complete when I pick it up and swing it around with her in it.

My cat likes to eat soda crackers with me. Not any kind of cracker, just soda crackers. And lick the plastic bag the crackers are in. She also lets me pose her tail. I’ve never seen a cat who lets you pose her tail.

My husband’s cat is so weird that she like to orbit him - if he sits on the ground with jeans on, she’ll flop down on her side beside him and pull herself around him. It is the funniest thing EVER! (It’s funny when he doesn’t have jeans on, too, because of all the swearing and the cat getting chased off. :slight_smile: )

She also likes wet hair - when my husband takes a shower before bed and comes to bed with wet hair, she gets up on the pillow and drapes herself over his head, licking and purring like mad. Unfortunately she also anchors with her claws - it’s a strange experience.

ETA: Forgot the picture.

Yes, Magic is a Cornish Rex. He was a rescue; there is no possible way I would pay that much for a cat. He is the loudest, neediest, most attention-seeking cat I have ever been around.

An acquaintance of mine bought him as a birthday gift for her granddaughter, and paid a pile of money for him. After two weeks daughter-in-law decided he “talked too much” and threw him outside. In January. Georgia winters don’t get all that cold but Rex cats do not have an undercoat and are not suited for outdoor life. So Grandma took him back and gave him to me. She already has three female Rex who did not like him at all.

My husband says he looks like a cross between a space alien and Yoda. I am expecting the Mother Ship momentarily.

My cat, Waverly, looks a lot like her, and he never shuts up either. I like it, though.

In addition to the ceaseless noise, another strange thing he does is bite the end of my toothbrush while I’m brushing my teeth.

Something weird I caught him doing the other day was lying completely on top of his brother, Walden. I wish I had a picture of it. He was almost smothering him, but Walden didn’t seem to mind. Then they started biting and licking each other’s ears.

My cat Wally chews anything plastic – bags, shoes, you name it and he will chew it. I have lost three pairs of flipflops to his antics but only have a picture of one of them. He also murders toilet paper and has figured out how to flush the toilet.

My cat doesn’t mind if I swoop her around hollering “Suuuuper Cat”. Yes, I hold her under shoulders and hips so she isn’t uncomfortable. Oh, wait, that’s something weird that I do.

But supposedly dactylous cats are more tolerant, sweet tempered, etc.


having fingers, toes, etc. of a (specified) kind or number

Yes, I had to look it up. I call Yogi a polydactyl. He is also very sweet tempered and tolerant.

While maybe not as strange as some stories here, my cats both have quirks.

At my last house, there was a drainage ditch filled with golf ball sized rocks running along the back of the property. My cat Sywould often pick these rocks up and bring them to us in his mouth when we would sit on the patio in the summer time. Once he had a pile of about 10 before he was distracted by a passing butterfly.

President Carter is a scaredy cat. Hereis a picture of him on the bed I made next to my desk. He loves it there because he is close to me, high up off the ground, and he can see out the window behind my desk without sitting on the computer, which I won’t let him do anymore. But when he falls asleep? Snoring. Loud, wheezy snoring! Scared the crap out of me the first time it happened!

Pretty much the definition of “cat” is “weird.” That said, although one of my cat has many peculiarities, the strangest one for a cat is that she does not like meat! She will ignore wet food for hours in favor of dry food. She also hates all other cats and shows affection by shredding your arm.

My cat acts like I’m trying to poison her if I dare to offer her tuna or other seafood. I offered her crab while making a dip once, and she shrank back like it was going to bite her. She does like roasted turkey, though, although just a couple of tiny bites at a time.

My Doper-named kitty, Dante, will eat pretty much anything, including the dried dog food that’s supposed to be for my roommate’s Rottweiler. It’s not that I feed him weird things, it’s that he always manages to find them.

Damn, missed the edit window. I also wanted to say that the cat in the OP is crazy looking! It looks almost more like a little kangaroo than a cat!

Fiona likes to play ball. That’s not so weird–many cats like to play with a ball–but Fiona likes a specific kind of ball and a specific ball game. The ball must be golf-ball-sized, foam rubber, first of all. She will pick the ball up in her mouth, and come over, meowing through the ball, and trying to lead me to the stairs. We end up playing “Stairball,” which is a game of her invention. I sit at the bottom of the stairs, and throw the ball up (the more it bounces, the better the play). Fiona chases up after it, grabs it, rolls around with it (usually flopping down a stair or two), gets it hooked on a claw, and manages finally to throw it back down to me. And we do it all over again. It’s a fun game, but I still have trouble with keeping score.

Shiloh doesn’t like a bowl of water–she likes water fresh from the tap. If the tap is running, she will be trying to get a drink from it. If the tap is off, she will be trying to lap up what’s inside the faucet. But we never see her drink water from a bowl.

My mother’s cat won’t drink water out of a dish or the tap either. It doesn’t matter where the water is–ground, sink, running out of the faucet, in a bowl, saucer, etc.–he won’t drink it off anything but his paw. That’s right–he sticks his paw in the water, and then licks his paw. He can go on for half an hour before he’s had enough to drink that way.

Biscuit sunbathes under the reading lamp. She is full of silliness.

Clover (picture to follow) begs for food by rubbing the side of his face against the nearest convenient vertical surface.