My cat just passed away suddenly

My cat, Storm, passed away after a brief illness today at 2am.

I had a long post about this already typed but my computer ate it for some reason, so I’ll do my best to retype it.

She was a black cat with a small white patch on her chest and some highlights on her lower belly. In soft light she was a rich dark chocolate color, but in the sun she was deep black.

She was an active cat who would follow me around in the house, especially in the bathroom. That was her talk to me and petting time. She would cry when I used the shower, as if she was worried about me getting wet. The bathroom rug was also a toy, she always left it in a ball near the back wall, usually with one of her toys under it- often a milk ring. Fun for bare feet.

Her favorite toys were milk jug rings, thery are scattered all over the house under furniture. When she was younger she would play with other plush toys but she soon graduated to mice.

She was an excellent mouser- our old house has many places for them to get in, and she patrolled them all with enthusiasm. She would bring the trophies to me; at first to my computer desk, then later to the bedroom floor (where I would often find them by stepping on them in the dark on my way to the bathroom.) This moved on to bringing them into my bed.

One night I awoke to her running around on the bed- she had a mouse cornered there and was playing with it. This was followed by her bringing her conquests to me, usually after 5 am, where she would make noise to alert me to her tropy, in bed next to me. One morning i found one under the blankets next to me.

At bedtime she would come to me and get me to go to bed, and when i got there i would hold her in the crook fo my arm and pet her. She was fond of belly rubs. When she had enough she would get up and go to the bottom of the bed and guard me for the rest of the night, and wake me up when it was time for her breakfast by head butting me. whiskers in the face are a good wake-up call.

I apologize for the typos in this, it’s hard to see through the tears. i wanted to get this all down while it was fresh inmy memory, so I would ahve something to remember her by.

There is now a big hole in my life. With all my other problems she was my one refuge of peace, now it’s gone and I don’t know how I can go on. I have to bury her in the rain today or tomorrow, whenever it lets up.

RIP Storm, you were a very good kitty. I will always love you and miss you.

You have my sympathies. She sounds like a wonderful cat.

My condolences. It sounds like she was an amazing cat.

You have my sympathies as well.

The loss of a beloved cat is always heart breaking.

They are one of the great joys in life.

I hope you share that love again soon.

I send you my most sincere condolences. I know how difficult it is to lose a much loved pet. May you find peace.

I am so sorry. It’s tough to lose a beloved pet.

How did she get the name Storm?

When we were thinking of a name, we had just watched one of the X-men movies, and my wife liked the name Storm because of the cat’s color- all black with a touch of white.

As time went by, Storm adopted me as her favorite, since I was around most of the time- I was ill with liver disease (so always at home) and would hold her while I was using the computer. She reallly didn’t let anyone else hold her or approach her, would run away or hiss at everyone else.

One other quirk- she had particular places in the house where she would act differently. In the bedroom, she would demand petting when I was in there to change or take my insulin. in the living room she stayed away from all people, because the other cats were there and it was the common ground. in the kitchen she would be underfoot, and I would pick her up and hold her- sometimes she would want to play with the ceiling fan drawstring bauble. I already mentioned the bathroom, and the basement was where her litterbox was, if I was down there she would join me and explore.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Storm sounds like she was a wonderful kitty.

My heart goes out to you. Thanks for telling us about her.

I’m so sorry about your cat :frowning: I can tell that you really loved her and gave her a good life.

So very sorry to hear about Storm passing away; please accept my condolences.

She sounds like a good cat and you sound like a good servant, Hermit.

I’m so, so, so sorry for your loss, ** The Mad Hermit**. We went through something similar last October when we lost our baby Toby very suddenly. One day he was fine, the next day he was dead. Of course there is a whole saga in between, about noticing him being lethargic, taking him to the vet, finding his chest cavity filled with fluid and a collapsed lung, seeing an unknown mass in his chest, electing for immediate surgery rather than unnecessary tests to find out what it was (since it would have to come out anyway, regardless of what they found it to be), discovering it was just scar tissue and when it was removed his lung pinked right back up and functioned normally, thinking the nightmare was over as the final stitch was being pulled through … and then he flatlined. There was even a cardiologist in the OR and he performed CPR for 30 minutes. I’m bawling just typing this story again (and this is the short version!), and it’s been months.

I don’t have the right words to comfort you in your loss since mine still pains me deeply. I miss him every single day and I know you will miss Storm, too. Everyone tells me “it was his time,” or “he did what he was meant to do here and his work was done,” and none of that helps. It wasn’t his time; he was only 3 1/2. I don’t know what to say. I just wish you comfort.

It’s great that you’re writing out your memories of him. I did that when Toby died. His story is here. (Warning: He looks like your Storm probably did — black with a small white patch on his chest.)

Take care of yourself. Get all the hugs you can get. Again, my deepest condolences.

So sorry for your loss Hermit.

I’m sorry about your kitty. :frowning:

It is one of the saddest things to have our loving pets leave us. All they ever want is to make us happy…

I’m so sorry :frowning:

I’m so very sorry for your loss. I lost my Lucky very suddenly last year. Its a very hard thing to work through…

Storm sounds like a much-loved cat, as all cats should be. My condolences.

It’s always hard to lose a beloved family member, even a small furry one.

Thank you for your kind words, everyone.

I’m burying her tomorrow, when the family can be together.

I’ve shared this picbefore in a cat-related thread. my only camera is on my laptop, and moving it around to get her picture scared her away so I don’t have many pics of her.

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