My cat's back!

My cat Speck disappeared out the front door about a month ago, and since she was an exclusively indoor cat and we live in a rural area populated by more than a few coyotes, I figured she was a goner when more than a week went by.

Today I heard meowing under the house, and a search of the crawlspace placed a cat somewhere in the underfloor insulation. There are about a dozen semi-feral neighborhood cats lurking around, so I figured one of them had gotten in there to get warm and then freaked. I had to used a knife to cut a hole in the insulation near where I heard the frantic meowing, and then I stood back to let the cat escape. Instead, a familiar furry head peeked out: SPECK!

I grabbed her to prevent her escaping again in the trauma of rescue, and hustled her indoors for a quick check-over. She has lost a bit of weight, but not enough that I’m worried. (She consumed 2 1/2 bowls of chow in the first hour home, so I bet its been “bugs and mice” for a while.)

My question is this: What do I do now that she’s home? I went to the store and got flea dip to kill any bugs she picked up out there, since our home is blissfully flea-free and we’d like to keep it that way. Do you think I should take her to the vet for a check-up and maybe a wormer, just to be sure she’s okay? Or do you think it’s allright to assume she’s fine and just fatten her up a bit? Any other things I should be aware of? I’ve never recovered a lost pet before.

Lucky me! :smiley:

Good news!

Definitely check Speck’s stool for worms. Otherwise, just do the flea and tick routine and all should be fine.

Don’t you wonder where she went?

You must so relieved to have your cat back safe and sound. I’m happy for you and for your cat.

When I read the thread title I thought it was about this.

Definitely take Speck to the vet for a checkup. She’s probably fine, but it’s a safe thing to do. Sometimes cats have injuries that don’t show up for awhile (like absesses you don’t notice until they burst and start oozing puss), and the vet will feel around on her belly to see if everything there is the right size and working (the liver on cats can get enlarged if they are suddenly deprived of food for awhile).

Like I said, just a safe thing to do. I had a cat that was missing for three weeks, and after much crying, searching, and flier-hanging, someone called and said they had found him (he also had tags on, too). He was a skinny thing when I found him, I took him to the vet, and he was fine.

Just counted on my calendar – it’s been 43 days since she went missing. You’d think she’d at least have sent a postcard or something. There’s another thread around where dopers tell what they’d like to explain to their cats, well, I’d sure like to hear her story!

Even though she is five, she always kept her babyish “mew”. Not anymore. Life on the outside has toughened her up and she now has a harsh, grown up “mayrrr!” (I didn’t recognize her cries under the house.)

Poor thing, she’d fall asleep and then startle awake, meowing. I’ve always wondered if cats have dreams; now I’m sure they do, and she has nightmares. She keeps checking to make sure I’m around, and last night in bed she kept her head right under my chin, purring and drooling while enthusiastically kneading the covers.

Somebody’s glad to be home!

And someone’s glad to have her home, too, by the sound of it!


I love a happy ending…

Hooray for the cat coming back!!!