My child is better than your child....

Right now, as I sit in my little office, my four year old son is scrubbing the bathroom sink with his electric toothbrush.

He wants to make it nice and shiny.



Don’t you just love it when your kids want to help?

He probably uses your electric toothbrush to scrub the toilet bowl.

My 6 yr old made me a card and paper flower. He gave it to me in the car after school. The card says:

I made this flower
with paper and glue
with my own little hands
because I love you

I cried all the way home.

He holds my hand in the car. Every day. Just because.
For no reason at all, he gives me kisses (with extra smack) just because thats how I like them.
My other son is probably cleaning the toilet with my toothbrush.


When I was in the fourth grade, I once saved my lunch money for a week to put in my mom’s Mother’s Day card. She still has the card and the crumpled dollar bills.

My daughter made me a necklacce for Mother’s Day, out of neon colored beads, Play-Doh, and string. I wore it to work yesterday. Because it’s cool and I love it.

And if ANYONE even so much as rolls their eyes at it, my wrath will fall upon their heads and hurt them very badly.


I received a colored macaroni necklace with lil pearl beads in between last year and I still wear it. As for this years prezzie, its under tight security under his bed until tomorrow.