My Christmas Erection.

Here it is! It’s not much, but I’m proud of it.

And here are some closeups!

Okay, I showed you mine. You show me yours!

GORGEOUS!! I’ve always preferred trees that were nicely coordinated and pretty rather than some gaudy hodge podge.

Unfortunately I don’t have one to show. I’m going to be heading to New Orleans under contract to EPA for the Rita efforts and I won’t be back until the wee hours of 12/24.

From the thread title I was imagining it was something you only had once a year… :wink:

If it happened at all it would be a Christmas Miracle! :smiley:

Beautiful tree Anastasaeon ! (With this bunch around here , you better be careful asking them to show their erections, tho… :stuck_out_tongue: )

I most likely won’t be putting a tree up this year. Being jobless , family-less , and pretty much friendless sorta puts a damper on the holiday spirit. And with cats in the house for the first time , I’m not sure how long a tree would last. Charlie is into everything…

Here’s our twee. (Our first fire (intentional) in our newish house, too. Didn’t burn me, the tree or the house at all. Miracle, I tells ya.)

My erection’s not as big as some others.

I’m kinda embarrassed to show it.

Heh, that reminds me of the first Christmas in our then new house. We’d been given some champagne and opened it while taking down the tree decorations after the holiday. It gave us the bright idea of instead of hauling out the tree that cold night, just burning it in the fireplace. I brought in the loppers and we fed the fireplace branch by branch until the entire house was toasty. Found out later that this is not recommended, as the pitch in pine can accumulate in the chimney and actually catch on fire itself from burning waaaay too hot. “Miracle”, indeed.

Oooo, I’m on the way out right now (vacation rocks!) but when I come back I’ll post some pictures of my erection, too!

Thanks to the magical holiday powers of the Internet, I also learned this year that pine isn’t recommended for fireplace burning. And I learned that, as a new home buyer, we should have had our chimney inspected for the very reason of accumulated pine bits (and some other type of wood, I think) in the chimney. Brashly, we decided to go ahead with our fire plans, anyway. Which isn’t to say that, after a half-hour of a nicely burning fire, we didn’t about jump out of our skins when a firetruck roared down our street.

“Surely,” we thought, “our neighbors would tell us our chimney was on fire instead of waiting to see the surprise on our faces when the fire brigade knocked on our door.”


Very nice! :slight_smile:

Here are mine. Your closeups have inspired me to take picures of some of my ornaments when I get home!

Lovely effect with the fireplace. :slight_smile: I never use mine, I just decorate it.

Garfield lips Ooooooooooooo! Very nice! I love the fireplace effect - it only enhances the tree. It looks cozy.

Mr. Stasaeon and I live in an apartment; however, I think it’s the only apartment in Seattle that doesn’t have a fireplace. I’m jealous. :smiley:

Misnomer, also a nice tree! I love the star! It looks so nice and full, too. My tree is ever so skimpy, really… it’s just a jazzed up Charlie Brown tree, in the end. A stick with thin branches stuck into it.

This is the first year I ever attempted to co-ordinate the colours, mostly because I found I had a surplus of matte white and silver ornaments. I had a long, blue organza ribbon leftover from an anniversary present, and two sets of lights that just didn’t fit in anywhere else - a long white strand, and a half a strand of blue icicle lights, which I ended up starting winding at the top of the tree so the icicle parts cold hang down and cover more tree. I tucked them deeper into the tree, so they just appear as little blue glows from inside the branches. I think it ended up working nicely, for the most part. I added a few of our special ornaments at the end, so as not to spoil the effect but to keep the tree personal, too, and not just a “display”. I was worried my husband would find it too feminine, but he loves it. He says it’s “wintery”. I suppose it is, as long as I can resist buying some matte pastel purple ornaments. :smiley:

This really made me laugh. :smiley:

I can put up pics of my erection later, if everyone promises not to laugh.

The little lady always does our tree because I spend the month in full Scrooge mode.

Once it’s up though, and fully decorated, I will proudly post her erection.

Oh, great story, Skipper!

Ok, here it is unlit because I have little to no patience. I’ll have to post again when it’s lit:

Full tree. Ignore all the mess in the bookshelf!

Tree topper. We didn’t have a good one, so I used a penguin.

How handy. If you ever have to call in reinforcements, they’re right there in a box.

oops. :smiley:

Haha, very funny. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine! The boxes under it aren’t actually presents. They’re the boxes that hold the ornaments the rest of the year. But they make it *look *like I’ve done my xmas shopping!

Haven’t got this year’s tree yet, much less put it up, but here’s part of last year’s, complete with large furry occupant. (The large hook is to tie the tree to so said large furry climber doesn’t tip it over again.)