My cologne is discontinued! How do I find smell-alike?

The only cologne I have ever liked was Eddie Bauer’s Adventurer II. It is apparently discontinued. How do I go about finding a smell-alike?

Have you checked Dollar stores? Dollar Tree, Dollar General, those types? They have knock off’s that are supposed to smell like brand names - they can come pretty close. At least in my experience.

I’ve worked behind sales counters before that had guides for colognes/perfumes. They’ll say things like “Musky base with citrous highlights” or something similar. Ask a sales person or look up the description of your old product online and see what other ones match the description.

… you mean that stuff wasn’t all made up?

“This starts out strong but soon becomes quite soft, though with a slight edge to it. I also find it ever so slightly metallic. The drydown, which comes on quickly, it a bit sweet/citrus (orange?), a bit creamy (quite soft), and a bit woody (hardly noticeable), but what impresses me is that there is a…”

“this is actually not too far from Safari for Men” is your go-to resource for anything cologne related. They have some surprisingly active boards where you could ask your question. It is amazing how seriously some people take their cologne collection, how much they know about different ones and how they compare with others.

Wow, this is great!

I still wish Eddie Bauer would bring it back.