Guys: the best cologne in the world.

I have in front of me a bottle of the best cologne in the world. Since I started wearing it, I have been constantly complemented on it by both women and men. My (bachelor) father started wearing it last week; since then he has picked up three different women, all on the first meeting. Every girlfriend I’ve ever had said it’s the best cologne they can recall any guy wearing.

And it costs seven dollars.

What is it called?

Well, you’ve seen the ads for it in the movie theater: “I WANT YOUR BOD!” Specifically, BOD “Fresh Blue Musk.”

That’s right, fellas: the ads may be annoying, the bottle might look like Windex, and it might be cheap as a Tijuana whore, but the cologne kicks ass. In the past I have worn many different fragrances: Obsession, Tommy Hilfiger, English Leather, Georgio, even that Michael Jordan crap. And I have never been as happy with one as I am with BOD Fresh Blue Musk. Buy some today, you will be satisfied. Anyone can afford this, even someone with no job. Hell, a skilled panhandler could earn seven dollars in a matter of hours.

Try it.

Never worn anything but Eternity for Men.

As a rule, most guys put on way too much cologne in the first place, so it usually doesn’t make a difference if it’s nice or not, it still comes across as rank.

I’ve never been with a woman who cared whether I was wearing any or not (there are other ways to make the ladies happy, you see :wink: )

Oh, I *LOVE * cologne. As long as a man’s not wearing too much, it really gets my motor humming.

I’m pretty fond of Burt’s Bees Bay Rum. Kinda hippie-ish and not overwhelming. However, it evaporates really quickly, so after a few hours you’ve got to be really close to detect it. It’s perfect for me though. I’m super-sensitive to cologne and perfume. They can give me a headache so easily I have to mouth-breath through the cologne aisle of a department store (even that doesn’t always work…) The only other stuff I can wear is Lucky cologne, and that conservatively.

But the women really seem to dig the Lucky.

Cool Water has caused me to follow a man through the mall, ensnared by his scent alone. I hadn’t even caught a good look at him, just followed my nose and every other organ I possess to where ever he was headed…

GUYS wear perfume???

What’s wrong with straight testosterone? Always worked for me.

(Maybe that’s why they always insisted we shower together, first…)


Current fav on my guy is Drakar Noir. He really likes it too. Funny thing is, he tells me his ex wife hated how it smelled on him so he was never allowed to wear it.

And yes, like Cyn, I too have followed good-smelling men through a mall. :wink:

I’m quite satisfied with my Preferred Stock and will be sticking with it.

I’ve gotten more complements on Competition by Nautica than all the other colognes I’ve ever used put together.

Tabac™ is my favorite, and has been for years since Nine Flags-Spain™ became unavailable. Damn, how freakin’ old AM I?

Basala, by Shiseido is very different.

Kanon, by Scannon is good but hard to find.

Alfred Sung’s Paradise. It’s citrus-ie, but n ot as popular as Aqua di Gio, so not that many people have it. It sucks when you walk in to a place and somebody is sporting the same duds you are.

My favourite for a long time has been Trusardi, it smells good on me and the ladies seem to enjoy it, but it is difficult to find.

Being an olfactory moron, I figure I should stick with time-tested classics. I mostly use Old Spice.

I have a creeping fear that I’m still living in the 80’s as far as my cologne goes. Twenty years ago a woman I liked said that the smell of Polo made her “weak,” and, by golly, that’s what I’ve been wearing ever since (except at home; my wife’s a sucker for Old Spice. Go figure). I have an inkling that Polo has probably worked its way to “old guy cologne” status by now, right up there with Brut.

At least they’re not selling it WalMart yet.

Thanks for the heads-up, PaulFitzroy, I’ll give it a shot.

Mmmm, Drakkar… {sigh} :slight_smile:

It’s been around forever, but I have yet to smell anything better on a man (I like musky scents, though, so I’m willing to sniff some of that Bod stuff…). Back in college one of my friends wore Drakkar, and when we were hanging out in his dorm room I’d sit on the floor with his bottle just so I could take a whiff every now and then.

(Did I just admit that?? :eek: :o )

Mont Blanc is one of my favorites. It’s got a citrusy-spicey smell to it.

As well as Zirh which has the same citrus with a zing type smell.

I stocked up on a couple bottles of cheap ($10) eau de toilette by Gap called “Om”. It’s a very clean smell (like a fresh shower, but not in a “douche” way :wink: )

My sisters bought me a bottle of cologne in Germany, and gave it to me on the condition that I never wear it around them. :eek:

It was called Bogner. I’ve been told that its nickname in Germany translates to “sex in a bottle”.

My girlfriend *adored * it.

Unfortunately, it seems to be available only in Germany, so it may be a while before I am able to acquire a new bottle.

Here it is for $75.00 for 2.5oz bottle.