Guys: the best cologne in the world.

My husband wears two (though not at the same time) that I adore:

Cerruti’s [Image] and Kenzo’s [Eau]. Delicious!

I have been a collector of men’s fragrances for years now so while the very idea of “Fresh Blue Musk” makes my skin crawl, good for you that you have found something you love.

Smell is so closely tied to our memory and primal grey matter that fragrances can transport us in a way nothing else can. A really well crafted fragrance can seduce, excite and invigorate. Sorry if I sound like a commercial but I think fragrances, particularly men’s fragrances, are underappreciated.

A note on the Bogner- the original was discontinued some time ago and the new Bogner Man exists in serveral versions so buyer beware.

If you like Drakkar Noir track down a bottle of Channel’s Anteaus. Pretty amazing stuff.

Depending on the fragrance 3-4 sprays should be enough. If you spray on your clothes the fragrance will come across as harsh as the most volitile tops notes hang around longer. Spray directly on the skin for a frangrance that evolves and stays close to you. Of course really pungent colognes like Polo should sprayed into the air and walked into otherwise they will overwhelm quite easily.

Nothing can ruin a good scent faster than too much of it.

GUYS wear perfume???

Actually most men do not wear perfume. The various names we usually interchange to mean perfume actually have some meaning- they indicate the concentration of perfume oils in the fragrance. In order of increasing strength the designators are:

Aftershave < 3%
Eau de Cologne 2-5%
Eau de Toilette 4-8%
Eau de Parfum 8-15%
Perfume 15-30%

As the strength increases so does lasting power, complexity, depth and cost.

Now although most men think they are wearing cologne, they are in fact probably wearing an Eau de Toilette. Many of the best quality men’s fragrances are available in Eau de Parfum strength and I am not aware of any available in a parfum.

So actually no- men really don’t wear perfume! :smack:

I’m a Hai-Karate man!
(tersely adjusting the butterfly collar of my polyester leisure jacket…)

I’m currently a huge fan of Dolce Gabana, but this is not a good “daytime/everyday” kind of stuff. It’s a good evening scent.

My girlfriend worships at the altar of Aqua Di Gio, so I’ll wear it for her, but I think it makes me smell like a rich foreign exchange student, so I don’t wear it too often.

Armani Mania is a nice one that I just used all up, but I doubt I’ll be replacing it.

I also enjoy most of the Dunhill line, but they can really go sour on you, so I tend to only wear that on my clothing, never on my skin.

Lastly, I was a Wal-Mart last night, in the baby section getting some Q-Tips, when I ran across a Mennen concoction marketed as “baby cologne”. I did some investigative splashing, and found that yes, indeed, this smells like babies. Kind of a baby powder/warm lotion kind of smell. It was less than $4, so I got some of that. It may be a bit creepy, but I love the smell. It’s real light. Matter of fact, I’m wearing it right now.


Alas! O woe is me!

No cologne is right for every man. It all depends on your personal body chemistry and the combination of your own scent mixed with the cologne’s scent.

Personally, I’ve been wearing Obsession for years and years and get nothing but compliments on it.

is my favorite! Costs plenty, but I love the stuff. Why?
(1) it smells good
(2) it was Napoleon’s favorite (and he still has an unpaid bill at the House of Guerlain, for several gallons of the stuff!

THIS is why I subscribe to the SDMB.
I hereby considered myself educated (at least a little, and on this subject).
I thank you.
And I’m sure my wife will thank you as well.


HEY! I wear Aqua di Gio. Oh wait, I was a rich foreign exchange student. Okay, then. Also used to wear Drakkar and I currently alternate between Aqua and Body Shop’s “Of a Man,” which is fresh, citrusy and cheap, although getting hard to find outside of Asia.

Heaven knows what I’ll do when I get to Peru. Eau de Alpaca?

Fujiyama Homme. From a retail site:

I don’t know about all that, but it is the best cologne I have ever encountered. Daily compliments when I wear it.


For sure. The only thing. Burts Bees Bay Rum a very distant second. Drakar is the BEST.

Polo is FOUL. No guy should wear Polo. Period. I smell it and I am instantly transported to a nasty frat party 16 years ago.

Oh, and for a brief period when I worked for an investment bank, I used to wear Eau de Issey by Issey Miyake. Smells great and the bottle is cool, but a bit pricey.

When I’m not wearing the BOD, I wear Royall Bay Rhum from the ‘Royall Lyme’ line of fragrances. This is my second favorite; the only problem is that it doesn’t last for a very long time. You have to put on a lot of it. It’s a very distinctive smell, not at all similar to the majority of colognes and highly spicey. I think not many people wear it anymore.

Mr. Ujest’s german grandmother sends him a bottle of Marbert Mann every Christmas. For a while, we had a stock pile. But it is just yummy.
It’s probably the equivalent of Brut or something over there, but huminahumina

Drakar Noir while wearing a leather coat - good golly Miss Molly - HOLD ME BACK :smiley:

As long as we are on the subject, why is it some men can put the stuff on and it is gone in minutes (like me) and other guys can put stuff on that lasts for an entire day?

Also…is it just me, or does it seem like fewer and fewer guys are using any kind of cologne these days?

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too, though my sample is probably skewed. I’m in academic research so I’m mainly around science geeks. But, in general, I’ve found fewer instances of being knocked out by some random guy’s cologne. Which is a good thing.

Personally, I don’t go for cologne. Yes, I can appreciate a nice scent and, yes, I wear perfume regularly. But I think anything more than soap is a waste.