My Company Is So Cheap!!!

I am so sick and tired of going to the bathroom and having to flush 3 or 4 times to get the toilet tissue to go down. The company bought “low flow” toilets to save money. Aren’t I using more then I would have if I had a normal flow toilet!!! God forbid I drop a tampon in there…too many flushes to count!

And what is up with the single-ply rough stuff toilet paper? Is it asking too much that a small company (which only has one female) buy Charmin or an off brand that doesn’t chafe when wiping? It’s not like I can bring in my own cause the guys come and steal the roll off my wall.

Several times the guys have stolen toilet paper from me and left me like 8 sheets of single-ply toilet paper. Give me a break today! That’s not enough! You would think that one of the guys would complain that the cleaning service is not leaving enough toilet paper for them!

Just today they raised the rates of our health insurance policy by $50 a month. And they raised the deductible to $750 per person. SOmething along the line of " At a time when cost control is not just a good business practice but literally a matter of survival, it’s necessary to increase employee contributions"
yada yada yada yet they had the nerve to try and “guilt” us into donating our money to United Way.

We were informed by the office manager that we were buying creamer much too often and we were asked to watch the amount we used.

I can’t wait to go back to school and get a real job!
I have been with this group for 9 years. We were a big HUGE company but got sold to a small company. Now we suffer.

Sounds like the finances in your company there are in serious trouble. If I were a shareholder, I’d be ordering my broker to “SELL!”

Good luck with moving up out of that place, Isabelle. Does your insurance cover include stress-related conditions? It sounds like it should – that kind of stuff would add to it.

No it doesn’t cover stress for me. Darn it!

My goal is to go to school next year and become and ER Nurse.
It is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

When I was in college, we had that crappy paper in the the dorm bathrooms. my roomate and i used to just buy our own. Inevitably, people from the floor would wander into my room to ask if they could borrow the roll. How does that sort of thing get around?

Don’t get me started in one ply. The uni over here uses the Big Economy roll of 1ply. It’s like greaseproof paper.

On the otherhand, my old dorm’s TP distingrated whenever it was exposed to higher than ambient humidity. :mad:

Oh, and since this is BBQP, fuck!

Wasn’t there an episode of King of the Hill that addressed this issue?

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Oh! Sorry for the slight misunderstanding, Isabelle. I was going to inquire as to how much you charged for your company. Say, for dinner, dancing, and whatever on a Saturday night.

Carry on.


D & R

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Take your own toilet paper and lock it in your own desk, Isabelle. And if anyone complains about you walking around with a roll of toilet paper, just point out you wouldn’t have to if the men didn’t steal the toilet paper out of the ladies room! Sheesh.

Good luck on your future plans. Sounds like you’ve got a great idea of what you want to do with yourself, and I hope it all works out for you!

Flush with Power was about low-flow toilets. Great episode.

Well some companies are just cheap (or greedy).

I dimly recall someone (an ex-manager, a speaker somewhere, who knows) saying that when ever they went to a company as a potential client/employee etc they made a point of checking the bathroom to see what was there. Aparently you can tell about the health of a company from it’s loos.

I always thought that was just weird but when my last company started to struggle a bit I noticed that we’d gone from one bar of soap per sink to one bar per four sinks.

I left.

For many, many, other reasons but it’s more fun to say that I left 'cos of the soap.

Just thought I’d share.


You said you are the only female? So can you not bring your own toilet paper and just keep it in the ladies room, or do the men go into the ladies and steal it? Or do you have just one unisex toilet?

I may have more questions later, but that will do for now. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve heard that story, too, SD. The version I heard was that companies usually stop stocking tampons in the women’s room when they’re in financial trouble. It’s especially amusing because they do it as a “cost-saving” measure, even though the tampons are usually included in their custodial service contract, so they’re not paying any extra for them anyway.

Under the provisions of the Energy Policy Act passed by Congress in 1992, your company had no choice.

They are still cheap bastards on the whole TP thing, though.

If this act was passed in 1992, why did Isabelle’s company only install these toilets 11 years later? Was the act not enforcable until just recently? I’m know nothing of this, I’m asking out of curiosity.

You think you’ve got problems!

The tampon removal guys have not had their contracts renewed.

The roof leaks and there ain’t nobody doing anything about it, because the facilities guy hasn’t had his contract renewed either.

Tea, coffee and milk purchases have been stopped.

We’ve got a liquid soap dispenser, but the company’s too cheap to get a key to refill it. So we’ve just got the refill bottle sitting by the sink with a hole in the top of it.

I had to fill out a purcase order for €6.30 the other day.

Herge: maybe they haven’t replaced their toilets until now? The law doesn’t state that anyone had to go out and immediately buy new toilets, only that in the future any new ones would be low-flow.

I’ve worked for two companies that started nit-picky “cost efficiency” measures like asking employees to chip in for coffee, limiting the number of pencils and paper clips, and requiring approval for the purchase of minor office supplies. Within a couple of months, layoffs started.

I agree with the posters who said that this kind of behavior is usually a harbinger of doom. C’mon, if the company is in such dire straights that they need to save that extra $100 a month (or whatever), it isn’t going to take them long to realize that their major expense is employee salary and benefits.

Granted, some companies may just be cheap, but I would be checking the want ads.

Yes I am the only female.

Yes the guys steal toilet paper from my bathroom.

NO they don’t stock tampons (I bring my own)

We just moved into this building last year. It is brand new. They installed low flow toilets because that is the building code for new structures today.

I brought my own toothpaste and had it in the bathroom and someone touched it. I had it on a paper towel and when I went in it had been moved.

No uni-bathroom. There is a men’s bathroom and I get a bathroom to myself…although someone has used it and wasn’t even kind enough to flush all the contents down the toilet.

jjimm, are you sure you’re not an Englishman in Scotland instead of an Englishman in Ireland? :smiley:

Guys going into the ladies bathroom is bad enough, but they actually use the toilet? Thats really inconsiderate. You should see if you can get hold of the key, and keep the ladies locked. I mean, the men can’t exactly complain to the boss that they can’t get into the ladies bathroom, can they? :slight_smile: