My cousin is having emergency brain surgery.

I got a call at 10:30 last night from my older brother letting me know that my cousin was being prepped for emergency surgery following persistent migraines and vomiting. He’s been complaining about headaches for a while on Facebook.

I haven’t seen him in a while, but I think of him almost like a third brother. Growing up everybody said we seemed like separated twins, since we looked similar, had similar personalities, and are only six months apart in age (he’s got an actual twin sister). He was a groomsman at my wedding.

I’m a little nervous. I don’t worry about anything, and I’m worried about him. I’m going to call my aunt a little later and see what’s up. :frowning:

I’m not really asking for sympathy or anything, I figured it wouldn’t seem so bad if I wrote it down. Well, that didn’t work.

Best wishes gary. Hope this turns out well for your cousin.


I got a call back from my aunt.

He survived the surgery and is awake. The doctors are now trying to figure out what caused it and what to do next.

Here’s hoping his recovery is swift and perfect.

What was it? I hope he’ll be all right soon!

Whew! That waiting period when a person is in (serious) surgery is the ABSOLUTE WORST. I can tell you from experience.

Hope everything goes great from now on too.

Unusual and mysterious is all I’ve got so far.

He’s not out of the woods, so I won’t wildly and humorously speculate yet.

Got an update from my mom. There were blood clots causing mini-strokes and some sort of fluid buildup, but the ultimate source is still unknown. He’s 30, wtf?
The good news is he’s stable. Also, by coincidence, my other aunt, who was a longtime nurse, now a nurse supervisor, was visiting his family. The bad news is he doesn’t have any insurance.

Have you guys ever thought about trying to get some sort of nationalized insurance plan there?

(Runs away while being whacked!!!)

All joking aside, I hope he’s OK.

I currently don’t have any coverage, either.

Hope everything turns out ok garygnu!