My cubicle is famous!

You can just glimpse the top of the back of my head sticking up in the background in the opening shot of this new Sony ad.

Dude, you might have combed your hair :wink:
Nice cubicle.

That was kind of amusing, as well. Heh …now-uristic.

I don’t know what this says about me, but I don’t imagine it’s a positive thing: I watched the whole commercial with no sound and just staring at the back of your head. :confused:

Cool job! My son would love to work for XBox as the product tester. What is your job?

Game designer. I provide design support to external teams making games on Sony’s dime.

The whole video was shot in the Sony Santa Monica studios. The other guys using the new controller in the background are a couple of producers here.

Not only do you have a kick ass job, and a kick ass office, but you were in a commercial?

My respect for you increases.

I had to remember to turn on the sound.

That does look like a rather nice office. Do you get orange juice and muffins every day, or is that just for special people from the future?

We get bagels every Friday and all the Diet Coke we can drink.

Sometimes the internal team gets catered meals but that’s a Bad Thing because that means they’re working 70 hour weeks. They’re all out of the building right now recovering from shipping God of War III … .