My desktop page-a-day Get Fuzzy Calendar

I want to look ahead, but I’m not going to.

Bucky, for those of you without the calendar, is taking Fungo the Ferret to Judge judy for the infamous “string snare” incident.

Now, I have no problem opening a novel, reading the first chapter then the last few pages. Spoilers are fine for me. But in this case, I refuse to.

I don’t remember this story when it was in the dailies, so it’s all new to me.

Today was opening credits day, introducing Bucky and Fungo. I will not turn the page until morning.

I know this though, I want a blown up picture of Bucky in this suit he bought to be on the show, it’s fabulous.

it is fun to go day by day.

what do you do when you go on holiday or it is the weekend?

I’ve got that same calendar. When Friday comes, I read Saturday and Sunday.

I wait til I get back to keep up the suspense. It’s like cheating if you look ahead. that’ fair in a Scottoline novel, not in comics though.

Better yet is if I have a day off during the week, and forget I missed Bucky until I glance at the calendar during the day and have a “Eureka!” moment and get to flip. It’s like finding someone else’s quarter in the washing machine.

I also have the same calendar. (I got it for $2 at Barnes & Noble at the end of January!)

Yeah, Bucky is cute in his little suit. The hat’s the best part.

I loves my Bucky calendar! I don’t always look at it every day, so it’s a treat to catch up and be able to read several at once. I save the good ones and take them home for Mrs. B at suppertime.

You can also read the current ones online at Get Fuzzy. I catch up every Monday as we don’t get it in the local papers.