My Dog is Dying

Eleven years ago we rescued two beautiful chocolate labs. They weren’t rescued from a bad situation, but from a family whose life situation had changed and they would be moving frequently and staying in temporary housing that wouldn’t accommodate large dogs. The “dad” was a runner so when we picked them up they knew that a leash meant to start running. The first day we had them home my youngest son (7 at the time) decided to try to walk them and before we knew it he was being dragged down the street (he wasn’t hurt and thought it was fun). The girls were very smart though and within a couple of months they could walk with us around the neighborhood without a leash, staying right by our side.

Immediately the two girls each gravitated to one of us. The older (by a year) was my dog, and the younger was my wife’s. They had great lives with a big fenced yard where they could chase squirrels and retrieve tennis balls. There is a park nearby where they could swim in the creek.

My girl had to be put down two years ago after her back legs gave out. She collapsed several times in dangerously cold weather and had to be carried inside (not easy with a 100 lb dog).

The younger one remained in pretty good shape, but she was old… 13 years old. Had some arthritis but still got around ok. My wife doted on her daily, and she always was very enthusiastic about her food.

We wanted to take a vacation with the kids, but decided that Wrigley couldn’t take being boarded so I volunteered to stay home with her and the new puppy that we got a year ago.

Last evening I went to get the dogs dinner and Wrigley didn’t get up to get hers. I brought it to her though and she ate it enthusiastically. She remained laying in the same place though the entire evening. I decided to sleep on the couch to be close if she needed anything.

At about 5 am I heard a couple of weak barks. She was still in the same place, but had pooped. I tried to get her to stand up but could only get her a few feet so she was on carpet and could reach her water. This morning she was still there and when I brought her breakfast she only ate a bit of it.

My wife and kids really need this vacation, but I know she will be beside herself when she comes home and her “best friend” isn’t here. Wrigley is still in the same place as where I moved her at 5 am. Bowl of water on one side and food on the other. She doesn’t act like she is in pain, just won’t move. I’ve had several dogs and I know this is a sign of the end. Every time I walk past I pet her and make sure she is still breathing but I know it is just a matter of time now.

Sorry about the length of this… everyone else is gone and I don’t want to share this and spoil their much needed vacation, but I needed to vent.

May she pass in peace.

May your grief be short.

May your good memories last forever.

So sorry. Lost my harlequin Dane much like this last fall, and I’m still coping with the hole in my life… in me. Even his housemate girl Dane is only a substitute.

But she’s getting a blue male puppy for her ninth birthday, a few weeks from now.

Dogs charge high for their irreplaceable services.

Oh - and major kudos for staying home for this, no matter what it cost in other ways.

Sounds like you gave your dogs wonderful lives, and they did the same for you in return. Peace be with you and your family in this difficult time.

Keep us updated. I am so sorry.

She is still laying in the same spot. Even the puppy knows something is wrong and keeps sitting next to her and looking worried. I just dipped my finger into some peanut butter and she seemed happy with that (it is her favorite) but had some trouble figuring out where the peanut butter ended and my finger started… I think I’ll put it on some bread next time.

My wife just called and asked how she is doing… I said “fine.” They are having a great time and going to Universal Studios tomorrow so as much as I hate to lie I felt I had to.

There’s a time it’s kinder to take her to the vet. I had a beagle that went several days like this and even kept comfortable it can’t be pleasant. If it’s time… let her go.

I hate to agree with posts like this but I do. She had the best possible life, now make it easier on her.

I fully understand, and I did that with my sweet girl when I knew she was in pain. Wrigley doesn’t seem to be in pain… I think she is at peace just shutting down.

She has food, water, and lots of pets and scratches. At this time I’ll let her go on her own schedule.

If you change your mind, some vets come out to the house.

Really sorry, Spud. It’s never easy.

Damn. So sorry Spud. :frowning:

Seconding this, Spud. Please spare her the stress of trying to put her in the car and taking her away from her home. Let her stay at home in a comfortable, familiar place and let her be at peace when it’s time for her to go. Our pets return to us a hundredfold what we give them. Let her final memories be of falling asleep in her own home with her master by her side. Condolences. Man, there’s some dust getting into my eye.

Got up this morning and let the little one outside… Wrigley is still in her spot. I walked over expecting the worst and I hear “thump, thump, thump…” as her wagging tail is hitting the floor. gave her a cuddle and she gave me kisses. Brought her a bowl of food and fresh water and she ate all of her food and took a big drink.

I thought maybe she was ready to try to stand again, but as soon as I would try to lift her she would go limp. I put some papers under her so I know she peed

I don’t think she is in any pain, but the second I think she is I will call the vet.


Have you told your wife yet?

Call the vet. Maybe she has partial paralysis and could get around with a “wheel chair”. Maybe it’s something treatable.

But i agree that it hardly seems worth the stress of dragging her to the vet to put her down if she’s not in pain. Better to die quietly and peacefully at home if that is the path she is on.

My vet often gives helpful advise over the phone, though.

You and the pooch are in my thoughts Spud.

I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this. The worst is when a sick dog suddenly appears okay, then lapses again.

I’ve lost two elderly labs in the same manner and it’s heartbreaking.

No, there is no point in it… there is nothing they can do. She is with the kids (all college aged) and sending me pictures of them all having a great time 15 hours away. If I told her she would likely pack the car and rush back, but it wouldn’t change anything.

I’ll let them enjoy what may be their last vacation together, and I’ll keep Wrigley comfortable.

I got her up! I’ve been trying since Friday and she would always just go limp. Tonight after dinner I got her on her feet and she made it (with a lot of help) outside where she pooped, peed, pooped again and peed again. I think it made her feel really good not do do it laying down. I helped her get mostly back in, but she collapsed just inside the sun room door… I had to pull her back end in. It is still encouraging that she moved a bit in the first time in a couple of days.

It probably didn’t help that the puppy thought “Oh boy she is up lets play… I’ll jump on your shoulders!”

I know this isn’t a miracle recovery and she is still on the downward path, but hopefully going out as she was trained will give he a bit of dignity on the way out

Anyone with a pet who has gone through this knows that it isn’t a black and white situation… you just have to do your best to try to make your friend as happy as possible.