My Doggie's Breed DNA Report is Here! Guess his purebred heritage (with pic)

I adopted a very cute but somewhat odd looking dog last year. He has definite terrier features (of the pit bull variety) but oddly-textured curly fur that is kind of brindly and kind of looks like he has beauty salon frosted tips. He has fluffy eyebrows and a beard like a giant schnauzer. I also thought he might have some lab, Airedale, or wire-haired German pointers. He’s 73 pounds and has greyhound legs, a narrow waist, and a pit bull chest.

Search for dog name “Caleb” at click on the photo to enlarge. There are two Calebs, he is the non-German Shepherd.

So, the DNA report says that on one side of his family, Caleb is mostly American Staffordshire Terrier mixed with other terrier types and a 7% chance of some Irish Wolfhound and 2% beagle and/or basset hound.

On the other side of the family, DNA indicates that he comes from three generations of total purebreeds, a breed of dog I had never even heard of!

Anybody wanna look at his pic and take a guess at what breed his “pure” side of the family is?

I’m afraid that if my guessed breed is too common, you (or somone else ) will post an " :rolleyes: " because you said it was something you never had heard of.

Well, since we need something fairly big and possibly rough haired, how about a Bouvier?

Louisiana Catahoula

I was going to guess Bouvier too. I had never heard of the breed until I met a friend’s bouvier.

Baal and Lavendar . . .

YOU WIN! Wow, I am truly impressed! :smiley: Yup, one side of Cal’s family is purebred Bouvier des Flandres (literally “Cow Herder of Flanders”). What’s kinda funny is that I usually call him “Cowleb” – and now he turns out to be a cow herder.

I thought I knew a lot about dog breeds, but had never heard of Bouviers before the DNA report. Perhaps he’s not very obedient because he speaks French, not English, hmmmmmm.

Is your friend’s bouv a nice dog?

The bouv that I know is very well behaved actually, but of course dogs all have their own personalities. :slight_smile:

Were there prizes involved?

Cute doggy!!

Not reading your results, I’d guess Irish Wolfhound (!) and something-or-other that can be brindle. Great Dane? Pit Bull? Cattle dog?

Love that weirdass face! :slight_smile:

I honestly didn’t think there would be a correct guess, but you certainly do deserve a prize! <Looking around my living room for a suitable object>

He is a character and a half AND he was found running around like a wildebeest on the Upper Eastside . . . very mysterious!

My vet was certain he was an Airedale.