My dog's twin is up for adoption -- someone nice needs to adopt her!

Look at Salina on this page:

She is a twin for my dog. (They are so identical it was freaky to see her picture when I stumbled upon it.)

Anyway, I’d love to adopt this dog, but I can only have one where I live. So, I thought I’d promote her on this board so she gets more exposure. It sounds like she’s very similar to my dog temperamentally. She’s very submissive, according to her bio.

She needs a nice, loving, consistent person. I figured the SDMB is a good place to find such people. If you want a great, strikingly beautiful dog and are near Fairfield, IA, please consider Salina! She can be placed on 10/13.

Very sweet looking puppies…I wish I could take them all

Yeah, me too. Plus, this shelter seems to be a truly excellent facility.