My Dream comes up with another plausible phrase

My dreams have done it again. Sometimes they come up with a factoid or a word or a phrase that carries the ring of plausibility – only I’ve never heard of it before.
This time, in my dream I was examining a piece of furniture being thrown out for garbage. It was a piece I’d repaired, and it had a place where I’d glued it together again. As I rubbed the repaired point, the glued came off, neatly separating from the wood in my hand.

Someone nearby said that the wood “Had Rejected Its Laurels”. The phrase stood out like that, clearly something the speaker thought of as a common turn of phrase for a repair that had been effectively completely rejected by the furniture’s immune system. It sounded and felt like a well-worn phrase.
But, of course,I’ve never come across the phrase. And certainly not used in this context.
Google gives me nothing, nor do other search engines.

Anybody heard or read anything like this? Or had a similar experience?

Yes, it happens to me as well. I had a dream once where I was investigating a previously undescribed population of plants in a ditch near my parents’ house. I remember the term “Alate Ovates” popping into my head as their name. They had ovate seeds, and they had wing-like parts all over the plants. Turns out they reproduced vegetatively by pulling out of the ground in a strong wind and flying to a new location, scattering their winged seeds as they went.

Seems plausible for a plant of that (admittedly unlikely) description.

I dreamed there was a new sitcom about a deranged anthropologist who was dating an orangutan.

“Rested on his laurels,” of course, is an old time worn phrase. Perhaps the similarity in rhythm and words made your phrase feel very familiar.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Fox adapted Her Furry Face as a sit-com, to be honest.

I once had a dream where I was sneaking through some bunker underground, and I had to beware those with a “Pakistani Lightsaber”. I’m not sure what one of those would be like, but my dream self apparently knew just what they were talking about.

Yeah, well I think I invented a new dance craze called the Hohenzollern Strut. Everyone who was anyone was dancing it, all dressed up like it was Vienna, 1914, and wearing stilt-like leg extensions.

This was at a night club called Hammurabi’s Raincoat.

Then the dream got weird.