My Droid brings all the multitouch to the yard

We finally have “pinch to zoom” after the latest update this morning. Mundane and pointless, for sure, but it made me happy this morning!

(Ok, it’s not quite as smooth as iPhone’s pinch to zoom, but it is pretty darn smooth!)

I’m having fun with the “talk-text” feature they have now for text messaging. It’s pretty accurate if you take your time and enunciate.

If you don’t though, you get some funny stuff, so now my fiancée and I have a game where we talk quickly into the phone song lyrics or something and then send it, and see if the other person can figure it out.

I didn’t notice talk-text. Excellent! I text my wife before I start for home, and that is going to save a lot of time.

It’s where the comma used to be when you use the touchscreen keyboard.

I’ve been so impressed with Google’s speech-recognition. On a lark, I used it to search for an address I felt sure it wouldn’t understand - Avenida de Los Arboles - and it understood it perfectly.

The update also features Live Wallpaper (touch and hold a blank spot on a home screen like you would to add a widget, then select Wallpapers, and then Live Wallpaper). Mine is currently a very tranquil sky-blue vapor thing.

I’ve had pinch to zoom and the other 2.1 updates for a month or so. I rooted my Droid and installed a custom ROM… I have a lot of nice extra features (like 5 home screens!) woohoo I love my Droid :slight_smile: I’ve also customized a bunch of the graphics and so on… I have pics here… (Oh yeah, if you overclock your kernal, it’s just as smooth as an iPhone.)

After bricking my beloved iRiver upon installing a well-known and much-trusted firmware, I’ve been loathe to press my luck with rooting and will just take the updates as they mete them out to me. Luckily I’ve kept my nose out of Droid forums for the most part, so I didn’t even know what I was missing :wink:

The only reason I have pics up is because of the Droid forum that I hang out at :wink: The Droid is almost impossible to brick, incidentally, and you can unroot and go back to stock quite easily. that’s part of the happy-joy of open source! :smiley:

Now I feel even worse for getting an iPhone.* This thing is neat, but feels like a baby’s toy. I already hate how it only does one thing at a time, and I have to mash the button to get it to home screen instead of a back button. My Blackjack II had a much better menu structure. Opal, I love how froofy and girly your world domination site is! :smiley:
*It was all they had in new phones that I could afford.

Just wait until my World Domination plan is complete! The whole world will be curlicues and aqua/purple gradients! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!