My Drumpf addon name / pages that would mention Trump

Yeah, this is a twofer.

With the big deal about the Drumpfinator addon, I’ve decided to dust off and put some finishing touches on an alternative addon I created. And there were two things I could use a little bit of help on.

The first is just what to call it. I don’t want to be lame and call it the Drumpfinator Plus. Any ideas? Right now I call it “Drumpf Card Plus,” but I’m not so sure about it.

The second is more function based: can you help me come up with a list of sites that will almost certainly mention Trump on the first screen? The addon works on every site, but it can work faster if I can predict a site will mention Trump.

No need to mention any sites that actually have “trump” in the URL or Trump or “Make America Great again” or similar in the title.

I also have a list of words (in addition to the trump related ones) in the URL or title that would indicate it’s going to mention Trump. Can you think of any more?

‘republican’, ‘primary’, ‘election’, ‘rubio’, ‘cruz’, ‘clinton’,‘sanders’,‘bernie’, ‘hillary’, ‘democrat’, ‘president’

Thanks in advance for any help! I plan to release the beta soon.

Huh? No takers? I assumed there were people interested in this.

Oh, wait. I forgot to mention that you’d actually be able to use this addon here. Hence the “Plus”–it’s not stupid like the original and doesn’t mess with text boxes.

Heck, I’ve been using it myself since I created it.

Anyways, I’m now calling it the Dumpfitizer Plus. But I still need names of sites that can’t stop talking about Trump, even on their main page.

Does it matter much? Will it make enough speed difference that anyone will ever notice?

Only in the sense that you might see the word Trump pop up for a brief second when you otherwise wouldn’t have. Avoiding that as much as possible was the only reason I made my own instead of using a generic text replacer. (Well, that and that it works on Titles and tooltips.)

I kinda expected just to have this thread run for a day or so and then release the addon, but other things happened.

Are you saying you are interested in trying it out? PM me.

Whist or Bridge.

Thanks, but I should have been more specific. I meant something that mentions Donald Trump. The original does not change “trump” in lowercase, and I’ve chosen to stick with that.

What I basically want is a list of political websites that can’t stop talking about Trump. I just don’t use any political websites but FiveThirtyEight.

No, sorry, not really. I’m running an archaic version of Firefox on an archaic version of Linux on a stone-age platform that probably can’t run anything much newer. It works for my needs, but nothing modern-fancy really works right. Also, I have my browser configured to be substantially crippled (in particular, JavaScript disabled most of the time) so stuff like that won’t work.