My Ex is nuts; it all makes sense now!

You’d have thought I would have realized that before now. Well actually I did figure that out before now, she just hadn’t done anything this moronic in a long time. Or maybe she has but I was unaware of it. Anyway, yesterday she called me through the boys grandmother to confess to me that she’s committed a crime, and ask for a favor. See, she’s currently in jail and has been for the last few weeks in Washoe County apparently for cashing stolen checks. But that’s not the crime she confessed to me, I already knew about that one, due to getting a collect call from her. That whole “…an inmate at the Washoe County Correctional Facility” kind of tipped me off.

After a little investigation, primarily calling her boyfriend, who she gave me the number for, hoping he’d bail her out, gave me the reason for her arrest. She told me when she called why she’d been arrested, but I just don’t expect her to ever give a truthful statement. She’s the female equivalent of Scott Peterson. If she tells you in raining wear shorts. This time was no different, but her boyfriend cheerfully told me what she was arrested for along with the message that he had no intention of bailing her out.

Anyway if you’ve followed any of my threads you’d know she’s currently being charged here with welfare fraud. The case has been continued while they wait on some additional information. Being the busy girl she is, she wasted no time returning back to her life of crime, and so we’re now up to the present. Back to yesterday’s phone call. She called to ask me if I’d mind taking the kids over to their grandmother’s for a week or so, she having a terrible time in jail, and wanted to make sure she would not be charged with welfare fraud again. Yes she used those words, I said no, and hung up.

Then I sat there and thought about what she’s said. I picked up the phone and called the DA Investigator on her case, yep, she had in fact used one of her visitations to file again for welfare, three months back. This is becoming so ridiculous it’s almost funny. The DA is now going to figure out how to bring charges against the grandmother as well, along with another count for dumbass. I on the other hand am about to file to have her visitation supervised through the courts; if she ever gets out of jail.

I have to agree, that does sound absolutely nuts! Is there any chance she might be looked at by a professional? Sounds like she has a compulsion to file for welfare. I hope you get her completely away from your children before she has too much of a deleterious affect!

I think that’s probably effect, not affect. :dubious:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re a better person than I could ever hope to be. I’ve read your threads and I know what a vile person your ex-wife is and how much she’s hurt your boys.

Is she a drug addict by the way? If so, that would explain a hell of a lot.

We divorced because she had a huge crack problem and wouldn’t do anything to get help. After I lost a job when she pulled a disappearing act (not the first time) leaving the kids unattended I got fed up and left. Before I got full custody, she’d been ordered by the court to get rehab or face me gettig fully custody with her having supervised visitation and she blew it off. She claims to not be using anymore, but I don’t believe anything she says now.


By any chance was your ex-wife cloned?
She sounds a LOT like MY ex.


Good Lord hon, I’m so sorry to hear she is back in the saddle so to speak.
How are the boys dealing with this?
Do they know what is going on or are you just going to wait until you know some definante answers to questions they might have.
Later today I’m going to Pit Josh’s sperm donor. Over the past few months he’s been pulling some crap that I just found out about. Josh didn’t want to tell me because he was worried about not being able to she his siblings, aunts and cousins on that side.
Give Nay and the boys a hug for me and know that I am thinking about you even though I haven’t been online much lately.

Hi Kricket, only the oldest knows because he answered one of the collect calls. What I left out above is that she had called me a couple of days earlier to ask for bail money (I’ll give you three guesses on the answer to that question). I told him not to think about it much, but they’re pretty used to it. She’s been arrested right in front of them at least twice.

Sorry to hear about the Sperm Doner, may I should send you my egg doner :D, sounds like a match made in Hell :eek: IM me when you get the chance.