My Eyes! My Eyes!

As I write this, I can barely see through the gunk that is keeping my eyelids closed to the point where I have to pry them apart! And GOD, do they BURN!

I have the “mother” of all eye infections (no, it’s not “Pink Eye”) and I know I picked it up by touching something and then rubbing my eyes.

It’s contagious between PEOPLE too. My wife now has the same infection and I KNOW it came from me, because we like to hold hands and hug and stuff!

Bottom line:

Wash Your Hands Often!

I don’t give a shit if it’s considered Obsessive-Compulsive! There’s crap out there now that can kill!

Not meaning to be “alarmist”, but I mean damn!:eek:

Take care of yourselves.


I can’t find my bleedin’ Rohto Ice eye drops. (It’s like putting iced acid in your eyes.) I finally broke down and ordered three from the company. One for home, one for my backpack, and one for the office.

I’d link the ‘Scott Baio gave me pink eye’ South Park clip, but I can’t find it.


20-some years ago, I developed a nasty itch in one eye, early in the evening. By an hour or two later, it was affecting the other eye. I went to work the next day and people gasped when they saw me. I saw a doc and they found no injury. The consensus was it was a severe reaction to some goop I’d been trying to feed the cat (some high-calorie stuff in a tube, as he was ill and we were trying to get something down him). I guess enough remained on my hands to irritate first one eye, then the other.

Sounds like the same thing have happened to you?

I seem to recall they just gave me some sort of anti-inflammatory eye drops which I used for a few days.

You should check with the doc. You do NOT want to damage your eyes. You might also want to check out some OTC saline eyedrops to help flush out the irritant if any remains.

We’re using Erythromycin creme right now, and it seems to be helping.

When this first started we tried the artificial tears stuff, but by then it was so bad the saline just irritated my eyes more.

When we use the creme, it soothes my eyes to the point where I can watch tv or sit at the computer for a bit.

They are getting better, but I find myself still having to close them real tight to stop the burning!

As for the same thing happening to me, yeah, I think I got something caustic on my hands and then rubbed my eyes. I do that a lot!

Thanks for caring!:slight_smile:


I feel your pain.

Earlier this year I basically sunburned my eyeballs. Great fun.

A few days ago I sampled a pepper in my garden. It was so damn hot, I immediately spit it out with great force shortly into the first bite. Did you know if you spit something out REALLY hard you can spit into your own eye ? Another epic day in the Fish household.

I look forward to the day supervisory monkeys are affordable.

Best of luck.

What a great sigline, billfish678!

Thanks for the good wishes, and BTW?

I once fell asleep under a sunlamp. Burned the shit out my corneas. Luckily not bad enough to lose them altogether!

Had to be taken to ER, and the red from embarrassment merged with the red from the sunburn, so I guess I could have served as an infrared bulb!

Ah, the stoopid things we do in our youth, eh?:rolleyes:



Capcaisin in the eyes. Yup. Done that. Working with cayenne pepper. Rubbed my eyes. Really, really dumb. My only saving grace was that cayenne pepper is pretty low on the Scoville scale. It still sucked for a good fifteen minutes though.

Never burned my eyeballs though, and can’t imagine how that’s possible … unless you’re sunbathing for a long time without sunglasses or something.


Something tells me you’re not as old as me. :slight_smile: (I’m 59):eek:

Back in the 70’s once could buy sunlamps that clipped on to a pole or whatever, and you could lie beneath it, or let it bathe your face.

I chose the latter.:smack:



Not as old, no; you’ve got 21 years on me, so I was still in single-digits in the 70s. I remember the era, but not fondly. :slight_smile:

Thankfully I’ve never been much of the tanning sort (largely because my skin thinks tanning is for wusses) so that’s the sort of thing I’m not likely to encounter. I wouldn’t put it past myself to absent-mindedly rub spicy things into my eyes again at some point though.

One of my high school teachers did that. I was taking horticulture, and he was explaining to us the importance of washing your hands after handling the peppers. Then he told us about the time he was planting some kind of peppers and forgot to wash his hands before putting his contacts back in. :eek:

(THEN he told us a story about a guy who had graduated about two years ago. This kid was planting habeneros, and forgot to wash his hands before he went to the bathroom. You can figure out the result.)

I used to make an entree called “Stuffed Jalapenos”?

Well the recipe calls for you to get ALL of the seeds out before stuffing them with shrimp (or whatever), so I wore those see-through plastic gloves to scoop 'em all out?

Well, I missed a couple and my “then-SO” liked to have slapped the shit out of me.

I still have the rack that you set those things in, if anybody wants it!

They’re really good if you serve them correctly!

Never got ''em in my eyes though.



Oh, ouch. Getting it in your eyes is bad enough, but having them under the contacts, effectively being pressed in there? That’s gotta be a special kind of pain right there. Handling raw peppers, too. I hope they weren’t naga jolokias…

What do you mean, it’s not pinkeye? Pinkeye is just the common name for conjunctivitis, which is exactly what you’re describing. It may sound like a wimpy name, but it can be horribly painful, swollen and goopy. AND, it’s definitely contagious.

Well, I thought it could not be “Pink - a - Yeh”,:slight_smile: because I am an idjit, and didn’t call it what it really was: conjunctivitis.

With all this other shit going on, I tend to “play down” everything else.

I do apologize.

We are treating it with Erythermocyn and no doctor’s visits, and it is getting better.

As long as I close m eyes real tight and get some tears going, I can type.

Sorry! This sounds whiny, doesn’t it?

Just a godamm eye infection. Sorry I mentioned it. I’ll get over it, because my D is taking care of me.




The last time I had it, I saw a new eye doctor who gave me an ointment that was a combination of antibiotics and steroids to help with the pain and swelling. It was an improvement over the antibiotic alone. Feel free to whine; conjunctivitis is like having burning rocks for eyeballs.