My Fantabulous Weekend

I got a new camera, and so had to share pictures of the exceedingly exciting and titillating weekend.

My Fantabulous Weekend

I also took the time to find out how to take advantage of the website my ISP provides, which allowed me to share this fantastic time with all of you.

Woah there skippy! Looks like you were having a bit too much fun. Better slow it down next weekend and play it on the safe side.

You certainly like living dangerously, don’t you?

If you’re male, what is it with new cameras and guys?
A friend of mine just got one, and instead of taking decent pictures (People? Mountains?), he spent an hour snapping a dead, smushed mosquito ‘posed’ in front of a bottle of Vitamin C pills. Then he spent another two hours salivating over the photographs. For Pete’s sake!

You’re a one-man party, ** LtningBug. ** :wink:

We’ve got pics of Saturday night and Sunday night, but we need to know what happened on Monday morning!!

The second pic is pretty cool, though

Now that is Art!

Any chance i can get some Prints?! :smiley:

Your parents must be so proud!

This makes listening to my bf snore on the sofa look almost … dull.

Holy cow! I considered putting pictures of my birthday party online, but after seeing YOUR weekend, there’s no way I could top that.

Though it seems to have been a good party. Or so everybody keeps telling me.

I brought my digital camera to a dinner and obligingly took photos of my family. But when I saw the mushroom that looked exactly like the head and shaft of a penis, I couldn’t resist - I grabbed some round mushrooms to put at the base, and happily snapped away. My boyfriend refused to even look at my works of art.

LtningBug, what camera do you have?

wocka wocka wocka!

Guys and new cameras? Pictures are free with a digital camera. Why wouldn’t we take lots of pictures of utterly ridiculous things?

And the Monday after? Well, let’s just say I was a bit later than usual getting to work ;).

The camera is a Nikon Coolpix 3100. I got it 'cause it’s small but does 3x optical zoom.

Maybe some day I’ll post pictures of the zoo or of the pretty alpine lakes that are nearby.