My favorite day of the year

is today. The first Monday after the holidays are over. Back to the grind, as the working world has it, but for me it’s the harbinger of 8+ months of peace from The Holiday I Will Not Name.

Even the Hallmark channel has stopped showing Those Holiday Movies, and I think the stupid Buy A Car For The Holidays commercials are winding down.

So join me and lift a glass of your preferred beverage to the time of real peace and goodwill among persons that starts today and ends not long enough after Labor Day.

You know, technically the Holiday You Will Not Name has twelve days, and therefore lasts through tomorrow.

Fully agreed! The bullshit season is over. Now maybe I can find a job posting that wasn’t posted two weeks before that damn Xmas.

The stupid Buy A Car For The Holidays commercials are still in pretty heavy rotation, and boy am I sick of them.

Gosh YES. I’ll be SO glad when they reach their ‘sale ends by’ date and I no longer have to listen to jingle bells. There are a few others still nattering on about that thing whose name shall not be uttered in this thread, but they’re winding down.

On to Super Bowl I guess. Crap.

I was in the supermarket on the 27th. They have a short ‘aisle’ when you first walk in. One side was Xmas candy at 50% off while the other three sides were Valentine’s Day candy. :smack:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

ETA: I see my good wishes were ninja’d by Spiderman. I spied some suspiciously heart shaped chocolate boxes in the grocery store, too . . .

…by a Temp Agency ape that can actually pronounce words in English and who isn’t trying to pump you for [del]leads[/del] references to whore their agency to…?