My favorite Dokken song

Sure…it’s totally 80s cheese but I think George Lynch was the best of the 80s shredders.


Great song. I also love to share videos after a few beers!

So share some!

Dokken’s typically way too hair metal for my taste, but “Mr. Scary” is bloody frickin’ awesome.

I’ve really liked Paris Is Burning, but I love live music. Complete w/ shredding by Mr. Lynch

Have to agree with the “too hair metal for my tastes” but I would never want River Hippie to think we don’t appreciate these threads!!

Quick Dokken story: when I was a teen in the Bay Area, I did some pickup swap work for the lead guitarist in my friend’s band. The guy asked me if I wanted to tour with him and be his tech. I was getting ready to study Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara - talk about a different world. So that wasn’t going to happen. I am sure I missed a story or two.

A few years ago, my friend connected with the guitarist - he was touring with Dokken and also playing with Stephen Pearcy in one of his non-RATT incarnations. That’s a hard life when you are grinding out small clubs. Apparently Dokken is still in fine voice, and the shows go very well.

I really liked Dokken back in the day, Lynch was a good metal player. I would kill to be able to afford the Soldano amps he uses (used?). That said, my favorite Dokken song is still “Kiss Of Death”, mostly due to that glassy, LA sounding riff in the intro.

“Mr. Scary” is pretty cool too!

“Breaking the Chains” would be my favorite Dokken song.

I didn’t know they had any others!

It’s Not Love.
Another of my favorite Dokken songs.
Total 80s video!

Alone Again. Every rose has its thorn, and every metal band has a ballad.

They are the only two Dokken in my collection.

I just got lucky.

My nickname was Lucky, so whenever a Dokken fan friend calls and I answer, he yells out I just got Lucky! Never heard the song myself, but it must be awesome.

Mine would have to be “Tooth and Nail” although “Paris is Burning” comes a pretty close second.