My first post.

I have been a casual observer of the Straight Dope for a couple of years. This site has got me through many tedious days working for the man. I would just like to say thank you and I hope to contribute soon!

Welcome J.J. Glad you decided to breakout of lurkerdom. Welcome!

Welcome to the board. Good to see another member avoiding the work that they are paid for. :slight_smile:

Thanks much. Lurkerdom is to Member as Reno is to Vegas!


Without a doubt this is the best forum on the net. At least best general forum. I suppose there are better forums for discussing Quantum Chromodynamics but you could even pull that off here to an extent.

We all look forward to flaming you someday! :wink:

Thank you. Please don’t flame me I have no natural defenses, almost like a fuzzy bunny. You might scare me off.

Just don’t go near the goat.

Consider yourself warned.

HAH! I’m the first to say “DY-NO-MITE!”

Welcome to the boards, JJ.

Thanks. Did they ever get out of the projects?

Well, let’s see…
::wavy lines::**

After James took off, he won the lottery and left the States for Jamaica to smoke some premium ganja, enjoy great reggae and otherwise live a life of luxury. By god, he deserved a permanent vacation!

Florida went back to school and was able to put her good nature and nurturing personality to use as a psychotherapist.

Despite JJ’s penchant for wasting time trying to get into the pants of foxy ladies, he buckled down and focused on his artistic talents and is now a pretentious “arteest” in L.A. When he wants to get away from the “scene,” he moonlights under the stage name Jimmie Walker, doing stand up comedy at crappy bars.*

Thelma became a genetic engineer, and is currently working hard developing medical applications for RNAi, the key to turning off select genes.

Michael went to law school and was a political activist for 26 years and is now working for the ACLU, still fighting The Man.

Willona cashed in on her gift of gab and now has her own talk show, Wassup, Willona?
::wavy lines::**

*I actually saw one of his shows, in a no-name bar in Independence freakin’ Missouri some 8 years ago. I know he was trying to make a comeback, but man it was pretty weak. Can’t blame him for trying, though.

So, what made you pick your username? Are you an arteest from the projects?

Always nice to see a new name. Welcome!

Welcome! :slight_smile:

I’m sure you can find someone here to discuss quantum chromodynamics with here, if you really want to.

That person will not be me, however.

Now, if you want to talk about DVD authoring, on the other hand…

Hello J.J. Evans Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile: