My first post

What is the most prevelent topic in here?

Welcome to SD. I don’t know what the most prevalent topic is here in MPSIMS (probably not spelling), but if you go over to In My Humble Opinion and start a thread on sex or food you can’t go wrong.

Thanks for the welcome

Hello Alounacara, be welcome enjoy your stay.

Depends on the forum, is the answer, I guess. And even then, I think it is pretty varied.

Actually, food goes in Cafe Society. The most heatedly argued-about topic that I’ve found on these boards is whether or not being overweight is a direct result of a person’s laziness and inability to put down the fork.

Don’t forget hand shake rape. Welcome to the Dope! You missed rape month by a few weeks. Lucky you!

You really can’t miss posting about your pets. Just don’t tell anyone that you had your cat declawed…

People are constantly discussing spelling and grammar.

In the GD thread “Understanding Risk” there appear to be 99 different opinions on what the debate is even about. :dubious:

If you hurry, you can post the 100th variation; I think there might be a prize.

You misspelled ‘grandma’.

Damn im already being assaulted by a speeling nazi

There are lots of us here, although I, personally, prefer the term Grammar Nazi.

Start a thread about tipping being unnecessary.

Sit back and enjoy the train wreck.

Welcome to our wacky world!

Who cares what the most discussed topic is, that’s so yesterday! If you’re looking for a place to start, why not share the side you were on, in the last heated discussion you had with someone.

I’m sure you’ll find people to take either side, some both sides! Either way, you’ll get your feet wet, as it were and have a little fun!

(if they mention bringing the goat - run for your life!)

Ive never tipped a waitress

You been lurking long enough to get the in-jokes already? Good on you. Be welcome, enjoy your stay, keep your arms inside the bus, and don’t pet the sweaty things.

Wow you must be the brightspark of this forum

Do you wear shoes in the house, or take them off? The correct answer to this question will determine whether or not you’re allowed to stay.

It’s lots of fun. Sneak up on them at night when they’re sleeping and give them a good push.

I wear them inside because i have attack kittys

That’s a good thing, because they’re usually overburdened with the tools (foods?) of their trade.