my firstt time posting

Maybe Uncle Cecil’s kid got on the computer?

NO no i am over 18 way over and i can drive! i’min colege and stuff cuz like when i use to be in high school I took math and science and all those and allthose classes andi’m not dislexic or whate ver you r all so STUPIDDDDD and stuff! WHY CAN ONE PERSONBE SO DUMBBBBBB??!! my parnets know I am on the inernet besides sodon’t be so stupid ok? besides maybe cecil is my dad you dont know

Exept for you bunny girl. I dont mean you cuz your sweet. thans for beingn nice to me i like u to. Are you like a play boy bunny cuz you seem relly cute and nice
ps thanx for the webpage but it did’nt have any picturs.

Methinks loverboy needs to (emotionally) grow up. I vote he is under 18.
Or this is one huge joke just to make people like me feel secure in the knowledge there are some REAL dumb people out there.
But I must say, BunnyGirl was being nice.

maybe he is handicapped…
ok champ, lets hear some of your many life experiences, who was your first fave band/video, what was your first video game, tell us about your drivers examination…
c’mon big boy…prove us all wrong!

BunnyGirl? Nice? Perhaps. But perhaps not “all-the-way” nice…Have you checked the signature?

It’s a joke. The OP was almost exactly the same as a post on Opal’s Page O’ Flames. People did stuff like this all the time on the old board. Hell, for all I know, a masked chat is coming up on AOL, and someone’s getting a head start.

bunny, honey, this little man wont know what ‘slothful’ means:-)

Drain Bed - Can you give us the website of this previous attempt at a joke?
It would be intresting to read those threads.

What ever I knwo what slothful means.
Ok Im not relly in colege but im not either handycapped. So Im trying to spell right. See?
ok I shouldnt call you stupid but your just plane wierd. But I guess you guys know alot and stuff. Some of my friends are wierd too.
Any way i know what I wantd so ok thanks
ill post later.
peace out

Personally, I always try to give posters the benefit of a doubt and assume they’re being sincere in what they write, but even I’m having a hard time with this one. Loverock, could you tell us what fine college has supposedly admitted you as a student? Unless it’s one with a nationally ranked athletic program, I’m going to have to assume we’ve passed into the parody zone here.

virginia? Why am I always the last to find out about these cool euphemisms?

sunbear notes:

Damn, I didn’t know nintindo had a women’s basketball module…

loverock writes:

Sorry. It doesn’t count unless there’s actually someone else in the room with you.

Rhetorical question?

Interesting. With that handle, I just assumed BunnyGirl was hairy steelworker with a big cigar… if you know what I mean…
Side note: Nickrz (if you’re listening). Looks like we were both right. The great apes do experience some form of consciousness, but they are incapable of communication…

Oops. Sorry. Was that horse dead?

. Sheesh! Now I’m offended! Loverock, you may want to pick up a book about gentlemen’s etiquette, although I don’t know if they have pop-up books in that genre. Although I’m willing to bet that you can find a pop-up book about…uh…well, I won’t get into that.

Incidentally, that was my first “sheesh.” I’m off to the BBQ Pit now.

loverock, thank you for the compliment but, no, I’m not a Playboy bunny. (Voguevixen, there’s that “cute” word again!)

By the way, I’ll be using your compliment for my parole board hearing this week.

…it has never been my way to bother much about things which you can’t cure.

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Just as an aside - one of the women’s mags did a test of men in their 20’s and 30’s recently. They showed them a drawing of women’s privates and asked them to identify the clitoris. More than 2/3 were unable to do so. What was even more interesting was that the men were also asked to rate themselves as lovers, and that those who missed were likely to rate themselves highly. Some women out there are letting these guys get away with missing – which is very unfair to the women who will follow in their life.


notice he is still reluctant to give details?
maybe he doesnyt understand, I’ll try it this way…

heeye boonhede, gav uz thum dretales…durh…

and you little knuckledragger, if you MUST stretch the word dumb, remember the ‘b’ is silent, so it should be DUUUMMMMMMMMB.not DUMBBBBBBBBBBB, cause the B makes no sound, understand…
knuckledragger might be a poor choice…big word & all that…
I was SURE that I read that BunnyGirl was up for his parole…y’know kid that bunnygirl got that name from EATING the cute little bunnies…

For the record - dyslexia is not handicapped. I’ve known several dyslexics & they are some of the smartest people I have known, they just can’t spell. One friend has a degree in engineering, works as a programmer because she didn’t want to be in the defense industry & was doing post-graduate work in psychology last I heard. Her parents & grandparents were all dyslexic - doctors & nurses all.
Another friend has a Masters in Computer Science.

Tom Cruise & Cher are both dyslexic.

I repeat - dyslexic is not handicapped. Loverock is doing some of the classic mistakes of dyslexia - of course some of these are easy to do typing, but if you proofread your post before you transmit, you should catch most of them.

Mastery is not perfection but a journey, and the true master must be willing to try and fail and try again

I never meant to imply that dsylexia was the same as handicapped, I meant he might have a mental impairment which makes him talk/write so childishly…my brother who is brilliant(a jerk too) was dyslexic as a kid, and I suffer from the numeric form of dyslexia…I really have to concentrate when reading phone #'s etc,but that’s not what is wrong with this kid though.

::wiping tears::

God that was funny! Thank you, Joeyblades!

My vote is with Drain Bead. This guy ain’t for real; he’s having his fun yanking all your chains. Have fun playing with him, but don’t let him fool you into thinking he’s for real


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