My Former Boss Goes to the Movies

For the three people who don’t know, the new Michael Moore movie is coming out. Apparently, my ex-boss also needed to let everybody on the staff e-mail list know about this as well.

But first, a little back story about a coup at a little commie-pinko-liberal-independent high school that uses lots of hyphens: Former boss (the Headmaster) tries to fire almost one-third of the teachers. Soon-to-be-maybe fired teachers get other teachers and the Board mad at the Headmaster. All of this with secret-ninja-board meetings, plenty of e-mails sent to everybody saying how this sucks followed by plenty of abuse of the “reply all” key and not-so-secret catfights alternating with everybody-play-nice lovefests. After seeing the futility of this, the Headmaster finally resigns. One lowly Art Teacher (me) is the only teacher not returning because it was a lay-off, not a firing.

His “retirement” party was not well-attended. (Then again, I wasn’t there so maybe it was, uh, fun.)

So, in keeping with the policy of everybody needs to get lots of e-mail, the former Headmaster sends out the date of the release of the movie **and he asks who wants to go with him. ** What the crap on popsicle sticks!? Does this man have any friends?

So I was thinking that I should reply, “Headmaster, Suuuuure, I’d luuuuuurve to go to the movies with yoooou!” Oh, did I say reply, I think the “reply all” button is the way to go on this one.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Huh?”

Well put, Munch.

Sorry, I hit post a bit too soon.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but that made perfect sense to me.

I got it, too. Ex-boss who had many people fired and alienated many others now wants everyone to go out to the movies with him. He’s apparently oblivious to the fact that everyone hates him. Right?

umm… usually, when people hit post too soon, they put the rest of their post in the one where they apologize for hitting post too soon, so if there’s something more to the story, everybody’s got all the facts. Unless that’s all there was to the story, in which case, why did you want to wait a while to hit post?

Heck, I didn’t have any trouble with the OP. Crystal clear to me. What I’m having trouble with is the OP’s name. How d’you pronounce that, anyway? Al-tiod? Alti-od? Luxury Yacht?

Silly me. Here I was pronouncing Altoid…

This is definitely a reply-all situation. (And no one may question my expert judgement in this matter! It is forbidden.)

However, I think you should come up with something more witty if you can, otherwise it won’t be worth the alienation, annoyance, and confusion you will cause.

Actually, I just had an equally good idea that doesn’t require wit, time, or energy. Reply-all with a simple

Dear Whatever,



So this had nothing to do with liberal pinkos, or Michael Moore? Cos I think we might have the odd thread about those someplace 'round here…<searching…>

The facts are there, I just tend to write in a style that is a bit unclear for this forum. (Writing about Postmodernism in Postmodernese can sometimes impede getting a point across.) :smiley:

Yup. Not to mention that it’s pathetic to ask a whole list of ex-employees to go to the movies.

It was altoid, but when I signed up it became altiod. I think it was the dyslexia at work again.

Sorry, I forgot: I hate Wal-Mart, My co-workers suck, I hate Bush, fuck. Now that makes it a pit thread.

Altiod, the strongly curious mint!

Truly, you are fool if you do not appropriate The_Llama’s post for your sig.

Man, it is pathetic and sad. Almost makes you feel for the guy. He obviously has no people skills or friends…