My "Friend" Wants a New Name

Need answers fast! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, so I’ve had faithfool forever and I do believe it’s time for a change. So, I’m turning to the teeming millions to help me come up with something different and exciting. To assist your attempts, here’s some information about me…

*Love all things 70s

*Baseball fanatic (Go Rangers!)

*Consumes horror movies and books like the zombie apocalypse is already upon us


*Favorite color is green

*Staunch GLBT advocate

*Amateur photographer

*Enjoys cooking

The best way to sum me up is that I’m a 45 year old 8 year old. :smiley:

And I dunno what else. Just ask if you need any more, well, stuff.

Now, fire away and let’s re-christen me. I’ve got the champagne bottle ready! Thanks mucho!!

Old Green Hippie

How about a variation on “fool on the hill” if you want to stay closer to your current name and like the Beatles at all?

Horror movies: “The Final Girl” or something like that? Alternately, one of the category names from TVTropes may provide some help.

I like both of these, but so far, The Final Girl is awesome. Keep 'em coming!

Horror movies = “Zombie Fodder”

Horror movies + cooking = “Zombie Chow”


Children of the Cornfield of Dreams

Neo-hippie + photographer = Woodstock Flasher

Green Rainbow

Does the winner get to break a champagne bottle on you?

Disco Duck


Oh wait…that one’s taken isn’t it?

Alice Copper
Alice Brady (see a trend? so many Alice references)
[li]Alice Moved[/li][li]Don’t Ask Alice[/li][li]Alice in stitches[/li][/ul]
Charityfool (?)
Ranger One

…I didn’t check to see if any were taken, so YMMV

The Tripper if you like horror movies about hippies. (full disclosure: I haven’t actually seen it, but it was the first hit for a google search “horror movie about hippies”

If you want to avoid a possible drug reference, maybe The Green Tripper?

Disco Zombie
Cooking With Zombies
Alice The 13th
Nightmare On Sesame Street

I like working from your description of feeling like a 45 year old 8 year old.

Something that embraces the old/young dichotomy …



70’s + Texas Rangers + Horror Movies says to me:

“Zombie Zisk”

Love all things 70s = Big Hair

Baseball fanatic + Horror = Diamond Zombie (or The Undiamond)

Amateur photographer + the 70s = f/70s

Also works with the others:




f/ormerly f/aithfool

Okay, I’ll f/stop now.

If you didn’t want to stray too far from what you have now, you could go with fool faith and credit.

Well, if you anagram the first letter of your descriptive list, you get
Self ‘N’ Cab.
Ban Clefs

So you get a choice!