My Friends....

My friends are excited now. There’s a new kid who they are going to corrupt. His name is ben. They’ve started something called “project ben.”

You see they’re all stoners. They’re also all in the same sport as ben and me. We’ve all known each other for quite some time now and know each other pretty well. Ben’s a quite and somewhat weird fellow.

It’s just strange that someone would get excited about something like this.

These are my friends… :smiley:

Is this in the pit because
A) you misclicked and meant it to go in MPSIMS
B) you’re actually disappointed in your friends and their actions
C) you’re Ben.

Wait a minute - are your friends the guys who ran over that little girl in the drivethrough while stoned out of their minds?

Complete sobriety can result in dickwads running over little girls. some people have shit for brains weither they are stoned or not. This is not in defence of smoking/drinking/ or being stoned. I Just felt like adding that some people are just turdfaces.
(people speed along pedestrian streets where I used to live, where toddlers play in the street. I despise them with all my heart)

I would start a pit thread about this but I don’t feel like filling my head with rage, which hasn’t been provoked.

Er, given the underlined part, some of us could probably have guessed at the bolded part;)

I’m confused, Lobsang.
What is a “pedestrian street” ? I’ve never heard of that before.

And who do you hate ? The people who speed in the street, the toddlers who play in the street, or the guardians who allow them to play in a street ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Pedestrian street - ‘quiet area’ or ‘residential area’ It is a street on which living is the primary activity, not driving through, or shopping. It is a place where you expect children to play.
I would hate the former and the latter (to a much lesser extent) but not the middler (the toddler)
In short - I hate people who speed. especially those who seem proud of it! And especially people who do it along quiet streets!
I am not saying it is ok to let children play in the street, just that it is downright ignorant to assume there are no kids playing on a street while you zoom along it.

And bear in mind - this is the UK I am talking about here. where what we call ‘streets’ really are very pedestrianized and not open to through-trafic. Not a ‘main road’

Getting back to the original subject…Why are they doing this?

If they think Ben needs to loosen up, and they really want him to be part of their circle, that’s good…as long as they don’t really “corrupt” him, as in pressuring him to get high even though he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to.

If they just want to get him high so they can laugh at him, that’s bad.

So which is it?

(IME, people who hang around stoners will, sooner rather than later, make the decision to either join them in that pursuit or leave. I’ve seen people do both. But it was always their decision.)